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After Kotoko’s first story to explain Steel Lady Nanase was kicked to the curb, she came back with two more, hoping to cast enough doubt that Nanase would lose her strength and give Kurou a chance to defeat her.

What happened?

Kotoko continued to take control of the forum on the Steel Lady Nanase website, attempting to cast doubt on the validity of Steel Lady Nanase. Her first story appeared to be working, but then fell to one side, no doubt thanks to Rikka choosing a future that benefited her. Not to worry though, as Kotoko has two more tales to try. The first goes with the idea that Steel Lady Nanase is a real ghost and speculates on why she had become a ghost. It focused on the accusation of her killing her father and how that may have been set up by her father. When that doesn’t work, she focuses on Nanase’s sister and how she might be involved. Unfortunately, that too didn’t work, which leaves Kotoko with one more story to tell.

InSpectre Episode 10 Steel Lady Nanase and Kotoko

What was your favourite element?

I was worried after the last episode that this would be another episode of Saki and Kotoko sitting in a car while Kurou tried to keep Steel Lady Nanase busy… and it was. This series was really interesting and had a cool vibe to it in the beginning, but sadly, that’s pretty much gone now. I was really disappointed in this episode and the last, to be fair, and the worst part is that we have at least another one in this same format. The whole Steel Lady Nanase arc has gone on far too long and the fact that we’re just watching Kotoko make up stories now which means that none of what we’re watching actually happened. This is now feeling like a real missed opportunity as it started off so good.

InSpectre Episode 10 Steel Lady Nanase knocks Kurou in half

What have you learnt?

I don’t really like the multi-episode shounen battle format and I like it even less in this instance. There were warnings back when Kotoko was telling a story to appease the Guardian Serpent back in episode two. We never really got to the bottom of what actually happened and just watching Kotoko telling more and more stories in the hope that one stuck. I didn’t really like that outcome and this is the same thing but spread across so many more episodes. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, having great dialogue only is not enough. The same goes for action. The best stories find a way to balance things so that nothing feels overdone. This arc feels like it’s so overdone, it’s practically charcoal!

InSpectre Episode 10 Rikka and Kotoko

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