In the Land of Leadale (Episode 7) – Bear Hunting, a Queen, a Bath, and Monsters

In the Land of Leadale Title

Cayna returns to Felskeilo and picks up a quest to hunt a horned bear for a restaurant. She bumps into Lonti who appears to have another runaway with her who ask to come with her.

In the Land of Leadale (Episode 7) – Bear Hunting, a Queen, a Bath, and Monsters

What happened?

On the way back to Felskeilo, Cayna was surprised to find a new bridge had been built across the river and even more surprising was that Kartartz was the one who built it. He asked her about the bandit leader and whether she had anything to do with it. She tried to deny it, but it was pretty obvious. When they got home, she headed to the guild to pick up a quest. Since they are all pretty easy to her, she picked at random and selected one from a restaurant that wanted a horned bear. Easy enough!

As she left the guild house, she bumped into Lonti who asked if Cayna could help her with something. It turned out Lonti needed a bodyguard for her friend Mye who was definitely not a princess or anything like that. Cayna took them hunting where she prepared some food, built a hot pool, and had a dragon expose itself to them… Killing a horned bear was easy after all that.

Meanwhile, back in Felskeilo, an adventurer was waiting for Cayna to return so that he could ask her something. Just then, a Dragonoid knight entered the room and made eye contact with the adventurer. It turned out they were both players and had been transported to the game at different times. Neither, however, had seen another player in all that time. Then. the professor from the academy was attempting to recreate Cayna’s potion and accidentally summoned a giant penguin-dragon that immediately began to destroy the city!

In the Land of Leadale Episode 7 Cayna Fairy Cerebus Mai and Lonti in hot pool

What did you think?

Well, this was quite an unexpected episode. I would never have bet on a hot springs episode in this series and then the appearance of a kaiju thanks to some lazy scientific work by a respected professor. Let’s talk about the professor first. He create a potion, attempting to recreate the healing one Cayna made and demonstrated in his class. He was unsuccessful and decided that the best thing to do with this unknown magic potion was to throw it into a landfill. Don’t get me wrong, the introduction of giant monsters is a great step, the method by which it arrived was a little contrived.

All right, now, let’s talk about what happened in the forest. Cayna used her powers to create a hot spring and then invited the girls in for a bath. Was not expecting any of that. Again, it’s a great decision and probably a little more out there than the kaiju. However, that was nothing compared to Mye and Lonti’s first time seeing a dragon’s cock! I’m still in shock and we didn’t even see it. The episode was funny and also introduced us to two more players, each with differing experiences of Leadale. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next.

In the Land of Leadale Episode 7 Cayna and Fairy in hot pool

What have you learnt?

In the last episode, we saw how Cayna is willing to treat another player. Rather than attempting to find out what happened to him or how he got there, she must’ve had a million questions, she decided to kill him. Of course, her granddaughter intervened. So, in this episode they decided to have that player to player interaction with two characters that we’d never met before. It was a bold choice, but also the one that was going to yield the most answers.

It certainly didn’t tell us anything and maybe we’ll get to the bottom of things once Cayna returns, and after she defeats the kaiju, obviously. I will openly admit that this series is still a bit of a mystery, but I am enjoying it. I guess this is what happens when you come into a story with no clear direction. There’s a lot of freedom in that approach, sometimes too much.

In the Land of Leadale Episode 7 Giant Penguin Monster attacks

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