In the Land of Leadale (Episode 8) – A Battle, a Victory, a Conversation, and Information

In the Land of Leadale Title

Cayna hurries back to the capital aware that something is wrong, but I’ll bet she never expected to find a penguin kaiju event boss and two players attacking it!

In the Land of Leadale (Episode 8) – A Battle, a Victory, a Conversation, and Information

What happened?

The penguin kaiju was quick to jump into the river and in its natural habitat, it became even more powerful. One by one, it picked off the fishing boats and devoured the fishermen. Shining Saber intended to attack the kaiju aware that he didn’t stand a chance. Cohral decided to fight beside him, although they really needed two hundred players and not two. They hit the kaiju and were caught by its tail as it fell back, however, they barely dented its HP.

In the Land of Leadale Episode 8 Penguin kaiju eating people

A giant rock flew overhead and skipped across the water before slamming into the kaiju. Skargo, Mai-Mai, and Kartartz knew what that meant. The kaiju was no longer a threat. Seconds later, it was hit by the most powerful lightning and fire spells available, incinerating it. Cayna investigated the site that it had spawned and was surprised to see that it was a complete fluke. Still, she had the area shut off and planned to drop it into the river.

After the battle, Skargo presented Cayna with a valuable ore that the kaiju had dropped. Shining Saber and Cohral had recovered it and decided she should have it, especially as neither were skilled enough to do anything with it. Cayna didn’t need it and said she would craft something for Cohral. He then asked to meet with her in private along with Shining Saber. They later revealed to her that they were players and they shared their experiences. Cayna gave Cohral a legendary sword she had crafted as thanks.

In the Land of Leadale Episode 8 Shining Saber and Cohral attack Penguin kaiju

What did you think?

Every now and then, I forget that this isn’t a slice of life anime. Then, things like the kaiju casually eating people snap me back to reality… so to speak. It’s funny how this series can make everything seem so calm and relaxed and then it goes full psycho on you. There have been several such events, but they seem to catch you off guard every single time.

I’m glad that Cayna finally got to speak with Shining Saber and Cohral, although she did threaten to kill them with almost the first thing she said. Regardless, we found out a little more about the game and how a rumour had surfaced that someone died while playing. That would be Cayna, but whether that had an impact on the game or what’s happened to them since then is hard to say. I guess it’s possible that all the players in the game also died in the real world, but that’s purely speculation on my part.

In the Land of Leadale Episode 8 Cayna

What have you learnt?

We’ve always known that Cayna was overpowered and the way she handled the last player confirmed it. Seeing Shining Saber and Cohral’s reactions to her powers showed just how far off the rest of the game she is. I think that means she was probably on life support for a considerable period of time and spent all of that time playing continuously. There was no reason for her to not be playing if she was unable to move or do anything in the real world.

It’s actually pretty tragic, but at the same time, if you could enter a virtual world to be able to talk and interact with someone that was in that sort of state, that would be amazing. You’d even be able to effectively visit from anywhere in the world. I think the possibilities of using virtual reality for this sort of thing are endless and is definitely a system that needs to be looked at seriously. For gaming, it would be amazing, for healthcare, it would be life-changing.

In the Land of Leadale Episode 8 Cayna meets with Shining Saber and Cohral

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  1. I’ve been watching this one, too. I love how her children fear her. It cracks me up, but then I feel guilty because I shouldn’t think it’s funny. I hope as the show continues, we find out more about what happened.

    • For sure. I feel like there’s some integral information about her past life that will explain a lot.

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