Inktober 2022 – Day 2

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I really tried to keep to the kawaii theme but it’s only day two and things may be taking a malevolent turn! Oh well, guess I should play to my strengths. This one’s cute but deadly!

Inktober 2022 – Day 2

I’m still very much in the experimental phase of things. For this one, I tried a finer pen which allowed me to do a little more detail. I’m still leaving them as just outlines for now. Once, it’s all over I think I’ll try adding colour with pens, but I’ll scan copies first so I play around with digital colouring too. As always, I seem to make plans off the back of plans…

Anyhow, this is my drawing for day two of Inktober. This one is definitely more mischievous than yesterday’s picture.

Inktober 2022 Day 2 Cute but Deadly by Lynn

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  1. Love it! Very mischievous. Wow, your line art is really clean. My drawings always looks really scribbly. And your lines look crazy smooth! I’m very impressed.

    • Thanks. I do all the scribbling in pencil so the ink can be done in one swoop. I still notice lines where I should have broken it up though.

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