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Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon III Title

Bell must defeat Dix if he is to save Weine and stop the Xeros from fighting one another. However, Dix is prepared to do whatever he must to ensure that he can continue with his plan, after all, it’s the only thing keeping him sane…

What happened?

Of course, that’s only half true. Dix is insane, and he is constantly compelled by his bloodline to build Knossos. He has, however, found a way to satiate his blood and that is by capturing and torturing monsters from the dungeon, especially those that appear to have awareness. This makes Dix the literal antithesis of Bell and their conflict was always going to happen. With Dix’s level temporarily lowered by the curse he put on the Xeros, Bell attacks.

When things don’t go his way, Dix brings up Weine and then shows Bell where she is. He then proceeds to rip the jewel from her forehead, transforming her into a monstrous dragon-girl. Weine loses control and attacks. Bell, however, refuses to attack back and takes hit after hit until Weine remembers him. This enfuriates Dix who puts a curse on her and lets her loose towards Orario above.

Lyd breaks free from the curse thanks to Bell’s actions and helps him attack Dix. It looks like they’ve won, but Dix releases the curse at the last second so that he can survive Bell’s attack. Bell goes after Weine and finds her in the streets of Daedalus where she is attacking Hestia’s Familia. He tries to save her, but others have noticed and now Bell finds himself standing up to Loki’s Familia and Ais.

Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon III Episode 7 Bell and Weine

What did you think?

I was really excited about this episode after the way things ended in the last one, and while I did enjoy this one, it felt rather unremarkable. Everything was incredibly predictable and even worse, there were moments where characters did things that made no real sense. For example, Bell stopping the fight and just walking after Dix when he said he’d take him to see Weine was bizarre. You’re in the middle of a fight, trying to save someone and the guy your fighting says let me take you to her, so you just stop and follow. It just felt a bit blah! The best bit was when Bell was charging up his attack and we get the ringing bell sound effects, but otherwise, it didn’t really blow me away.

Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon III Episode 7 Bell punches Dix

What have you learnt?

There’s obviously a lot more that we don’t quite understand about everything that is going on. We saw Dix pull the jewel from Weine’s forehead before she changed. So, I thought it odd that one of Loki’s Familia made a point of commenting that she didn’t have a jewel and that meant they should destroy her. Presumably, her form should have been evidence that she didn’t have a jewel and even then, we don’t even know what that means. I feel like we’re missing a lot of details and the way this arc has slowed things down there should have been plenty of time to bring us up to speed. For me, this series really hasn’t been able to live up to the standards set in the first season. It’s still interesting, but the story is nowhere near as strong.

Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon III Episode 7 Bell protecting Weine

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