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Bell finds himself standing off against the Loki Familia as he tries to protect Weine. He tries to claim that it’s his kill and warns them to stay away. That’s fine because the rest of the Xeros appear and give them plenty to do!

What happened?

Ais reminds her Familia that it is against the rules to try to take someone else’s prey. They’re not too happy about it, but then they have bigger things to worry about as more of the Xeros emerge from beneath the streets of Daedalus. At first, everything seems to be going well. However, Fels attempts to intervene by creating an adamantite golem which is easily killed by Tiona. They turn their attention to Fels, but Hermes manages to switch him for Ikelos who is then taken into custody.

They appear to be winning, but that Asterius appears and he’s already killed Dix. Asterius is a black minotaur and quite likely the reincarnation of the one Ottar trained to fight Bell. When Tione, Tiona, and Bete are taken out of the fight with a magic sword, Ais step in and takes the fight to Asterius. She cut off one of his arms in her first attack, but despite that he manages to keep up with her. Eventually, one of Hermes Familia creates a smokescreen and helps all the Xeros escape.

Meanwhile, Bell chased Weine through the town and hit some adventurers with a poorly aimed fireball. However, they are lured into a trap where Weine is attacked by a mass of sorcerers. Finally, Gran throws Dix spear head into her heart, but is killed by Gros. Bell and Weine fall through the ground and land back in the manmade labyrinth. Weine thanks Bell for coming for her, but it’s too late. She dies in his arms. Then, when all appears lost, Fels appears and manages to resurect Weine. It’s the first time he’s succeeded with this magic.

Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon III Episode 8 Asterius versus Ais

What did you think?

We finally got to see Ais letting loose and it’s everything I’ve been waiting for. As a character, she is fairly wooden, but man can she fight. I feel like I now need to go see Sword of Orario as that may help to satisfy my need for more. Then we had the emotional moments with Bell and Weine and it was heartbreaking. Fels appearing at the last second to save the day didn’t even feel like it was forced either which was nice. I was also pleased to see Ottar recognise the Asterius as the minotaur her trained. This was something I predicted an episode or two ago.

Also, what was the deal with Ais’ hand when she was fighting Asterius? She seemed to have an issue holding it steady, which was when Finn and Gareth stepped in. Hopefully, we’ll find out more in the coming episodes.

What have you learnt?

This was a much better episode than most of the other episodes so far. Again, this series does so much better when it focuses on an aspect and also doesn’t drag its feet. I really enjoyed the speech Fels gave Bell at the end, where he implored him to continue to be the fool that rushes in without a thought for himself. That’s the sign of a true hero. One that will do what is needed regardless of how they will be perceived by others. It’s not a popularity contest after all!

Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon III Episode 8 Bell hugging Weine

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