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Konomi needs to work on her speed-climbing for the upcoming tournament and luckily for her Jun has come back to the club. There’s also a speed-climbing weekend for them both to brush up on their skills.

What happened?

So, Jun came back after walking out after the tournament where she was shown up by Konomi. Konomi is particularly pleased to see her as her speed-climbing needs a lot of work if she is to place in the tournament. Unfortunately, Konomi is nowhere near where she needs to be, however, there is a special weekend training session focused on speed-climbing that they can both attend. It has been arranged by the guy that set the climbs for the last tournament. You remember – the one with the crazy swirls in his hair.

Anyhow, Konomi and Jun arrive and are kind of greeted bu Akane. Konomi is a little jealous of Jun for having a rival to push her on when times get tough. Of course, it appears that most of the other girls have got Konomi in their sights after her recent run performances. None more so than Ooba, her old dance rival. Konomi tries her hardest to learn from the other climbers and attempts to incorporate their moves into her repertoire, however, that just seems to mess up her flow.

Struggling with how she is going to get any better, Konomi breaks down in front of Ooba in the bath. This disappoints Ooba who is determined to beat Konomi, but not this version of her. Who wants to beat someone that’s already been defeated. Ooba slips Konomi and demands that she things seriously. Konomi appologises for her state and for hurting Ooba’s hand… The next day, she sees someone on the wall who is insanely fast and she gets a curious feeling…

Iwakakeru Sport Climbing Girls Episode 10 Konomi Speed Climbing

What did you think?

I don’t mind when a story uses similar paths or events to drive home a point, however, I do take issue with the same episode two episodes in a row, but with different people. Ooba and Konomi was literally the exact same as the Jun and Akane story from the last episode. It just felt a little lazy, especially having them back to back.

Another thing that worries me is that there are only two episodes left in this season, and as much as I want another season, it doesn’t strike me as a series that will get one. I hope I’m wrong, but that’s the feeling I’m getting. So, with that in mind, we have two episodes to see Konomi grow and take over the sport climbing world. I don’t see it happening though and if it did, it would probably feel a little forced. I think there’s been enough time to achieve it all in the season, but things haven’t exactly moved along smoothly.

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What have you learnt?

Repetition is a well-used technique in storytelling. However, there are ways to use it and there are ways not to. This episode was an example of how not to, unfortunately. I can see what they were trying to do, but it was too obvious. They even had Jun point out how similar they are… After this disappointing turn of events, I just hope that things get back on track for the final two episodes and we get to focus on the tournament and the girls climbing. We really need more climbing is something that I didn’t think I would be saying about a series about climbing.

Iwakakeru Sport Climbing Girls Episode 10 Mystery Speed Climber

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