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After a month and half of training, Konomi is ready to take on the Anti-Monkey Rock once more. Kikuko and Juuzou have come to watch too, but will she make it and why is Konomi having muscle dreams?

What happened?

And Konomi did it. She has learnt how to use her fear to help push her higher rather than letting it force her back down. As with most things, fear is a good thing. It stops you being reckless and taking unnecessary chances, but if you understand it, it can help you make the right choices. Anyhow, Konomi’s student, Kikuko met her at the top of the Anti-Monkey Rock to congratulate her and ask her if she’ll join her as a free climber. Unfortunately, Konomi is set to continue on her quest to become the best Sport Climber. She even invites Kikuko to come to watch, but when she says no, she demands it as her master…

Following a quick visit to the climbing shop, where Konomi had her feet measured… it was time to go to the tournament. Konomi is feeling nervous this time since she’s put in so much effort and all the powerhouses from their age range are there. It looks like it’s going to be one incredible tournament. After Konomi witnesses the three Climbing Dames in a bit of a face-off, she turns to Jun to see what she thinks. Jun confirms what we’ve all been thinking – they’re a bit weird.

Iwakakeru Sport Climbing Girls Episode 4 Konomi versus the Boulder

What did you think?

I feel like I could watch all of the climbing scenes back to back on a continuous loop. The way that they’re showing us the action is incredible. It’s full of crazy angles and rotating shots, close-ups of grips and holds, the faces on the climbers, etc, etc. It’s just a lot of fun and crazy intense. I don’t know if that’s just me, but I’m loving it. I’m also enjoying the relationship between Konomi and Kikuko. It was hilarious when she demanded that Kikuko come to watch her compete. I also like the way that Konomi and Jun have bonded, especially after their initial meeting. I’m just having a lot of fun with this series and hope it just gets better and better.

Iwakakeru Sport Climbing Girls Episode 4 Konomi demands that Kikuko comes to their competition

What have you learnt?

At first, I was a little unsure about Jun’s character and how she was ultra competitive with Konomi, but that’s slowly faded away. Now, I feel like Jun is us. She’s representing the audience. That might sound like a weird observation, but hear me out. She is the no nonsense character who is saying what we’re all thinking and I think it’s hilarious. The meeting of the dames just showed how crazy and over the top some of these characters are, but Jun just shrugs it off and confirms what we thought. It’s a great way to give us a way to bond with the character and it’s being one without breaking the fourth wall which is really clever.

Iwakakeru Sport Climbing Girls Episode 4 Jun tells Konomi they're all weird

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  1. “I don’t know if that’s just me, but I’m loving it.”

    It’s not just you! I thought this might be kinda fun to watch, but the characters and the competitiveness has been a welcome surprise.

    Konomi’s muscle dream was really funny, too.

    • Yeah, the muscle dream was good, especially how she claimed that Jun was in it too. It’s good that they are talking about functional muscles and not just bulking up.

      I also had a good laugh at how ridiculously good looking Kikuko’s father was once he cleaned himself up.

      There’s something for everyone!

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