Jujutsu Kaisen (Episode 10) – Idle Transfiguration

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Itadori is put in charge of monitoring and making contact with Yoshino while Nanami heads into the sewers to track down the person responsible for the disfigured humans that attacked them previously!

Jujutsu Kaisen (Episode 10) – Idle Transfiguration

What happened?

Ijichi has some ideas on how to approach Yoshino. He has some very low-level curses they will release and wait for them to attack Yoshino. If he doesn’t see them, then they save him and ask him some questions. However, if he sees the curses and runs, they will save him and ask him some questions. If he exorcises the curses with Jujutsu sorcery they will attack and bring him in for questioning. If he ends up being a level two sorcery, they will run!

Before this level of outcomes was presented, Yoshino had met with Mahito to talk about morality and whether it was right to want revenge when you are trying to attain indifference. Mahito explained that if he hated something, he was justified to kill it, but then Mahito is a special-grade cursed spirit born from humanity’s hatred and fear of one another.

It turns out Yoshino had been bullied by a lot of different groups at his school and this last one drove him to this point. Mahito said that he would sanction Yoshino’s revenge and appeared to have given him some powers with which to do so. Outside his house, Yoshino found one of his teachers who asked why he hadn’t attended the funeral of his friends… the ones that died at the cinema, who had been bullying him…

Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 10 Kento Nanami fighting Mahito

That was when Itadori appeared, having caught one of the curses that escaped. He was surprised to see that Yoshino saw the curse and probably more so that Yoshino was about to use some sorcery on the teacher, although he never let on. Instead, he whipped the teachers pants off and ran away. As soon as the teacher disappeared, running after him, Itadori returned from around the block.

He asked Yoshino if he’d like to talk. He also said that he got the feeling that he didn’t like his teacher which is why he got rid of him.

Meanwhile, Nanami was busy fighting Mahito and his transfigured humans. Some even still had awareness and begged Nanami to kill them. Mahito was determined to try his skills on Nanami, but couldn’t get close enough to his soul. Nanami warned him that he would be clocking off at six, regardless of the outcome.

When it got to six, Mahito assumed he had won. However, Nanami took off his tie and declared that he was going to have to put in some overtime, increasing his cursed power. The fight was just getting going!

What did you think?

I really enjoyed this episode. The pairing of Ijichi and Itadori was pretty good. It gave Ijichi the chance to bitch about Gojou and how lax he is and reveal some more information for Itadori and us. I also thought that the scene where Yoshino and Itadori met for real was really good. Itadori whipping off the teacher’s pants and running off with them was so brilliantly in character.

The fight between Nanami and Mahito was good too. I enjoyed the conversations they were having and the moral quandaries that were being presented by Mahito. Nanami’s business-like rebuttal was hilarious too.

Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 10 Itadori captures small curse

What have you learnt?

I like how Nanami using business ideas and language in his Jujutsu. It somehow grounds him and makes him quite relatable while being so cool and standoffish. Maybe, it’s the business stuff which I’m sure anyone that has worked in an office can relate to. His declaration that he would clock off at a certain time and then that he would need to do overtime was pretty funny, especially when he powered up.

It reminded me of Shachibato which is a fantasy world that uses business terminology almost exclusively. Of course, that was a comedy adventure and this is much darker, but the connection was made. That said, I am really enjoying how dark this series is, even if I think someone would notice all these missing people. There seems to be a lot of people dying in the periphery.

Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 10 Kento Nanami going into overtime

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