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Itadori hits it off with Yoshino and his mother invites him back for dinner. They even watch a movie together, but once Itadori is gone something sinister appears and changes Yoshino’s world forever!

Jujutsu Kaisen (Episode 11) – Narrow-minded

What happened?

Nanami finished his fight with Mahito by unleashing his full powers and smashing a wall, forcing the structure to crumble around them. He also sliced off one of Mahito’s legs before leaving. He was pretty banged up himself and needed Ijichi to take him to Jujutsu high for medical treatment. That was when Ijichi let slip that he didn’t have Itadori with him…

Of course, Itadori was with Yoshino. They were talking about when Yoshino started seeing curses and what movie was on at the cinema when those other kids were murdered. That got the two talking about movies and Yoshino seemed to relax. However, that was the moment that his mother walked past and asked him what he was doing and who his friend was.

Itadori introduced himself and ended up with an invite to dinner, which was handy because he was starving. At dinner, they had a lot of fun telling stories and reenacting scenes from movies. Yoshino’s mother had one beer too many and fell asleep at the table. That was when Ijichi phoned Itadori and told him he was about to pick him up. Itadori told him to come by in two hours so that they could watch another movie…

Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 11 Mahito and Getou

After Itadori left, Yoshino went to bed and pondered some of the things they had discussed. The idea of murdering someone left his mind for fears of devaluing his relationship with his mother, who was a pretty cool person. However, once he had fallen asleep, his mother woke up and found a severed red finger on the table in front of her. She had no idea that a curse was approaching from behind.

In the morning all that was left of her was her upper torso. It was enough to push Yoshino back into Mahito’s control. Yoshino returned to school that day and made his way to the assembly hall. While that happened, Mahito put a barrier over the school and put most of the students to sleep. Getou was pleased with Mahito’s patience, especially as it got them closer to Itadori, who would be able to enter the barrier.

Yoshino approached the bully that had been making his life hell. He was the one that he believed placed the finger in his house. Of course, it was Mahito, but he had been nothing but nice to Yoshino. Yoshino attacked with some sort of jellyfish-like power, no doubt given to him by Mahito.

He was about to kill the bully when Itadori rushed into the hall and told him to stop.

Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 11 Yoshino attacks the bully with jujutsu

What did you think?

This episode was fantastic. I am a fully converted Jujutsu Kaisen fan after this one, which is crazy considering they killed Yoshino’s mother. She was awesome and I’m absolutely gutted that they would do that to her. The scene where Itadori came over for dinner was such a nice and wholesome moment that it almost makes you let your guard down.

Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 11 Itadori, Yoshino and his mother

Of course, that’s when they strike and hit you hard. She never deserved to die and it’s all just part of their plan to get Itadori and Sukuna. Even Yoshino is expendable. As I said, this was a great episode and I am so glad that I can just go and watch the next one without having to wait a week. So long, Nagi Yoshino. You were only with us for a brief time, but your impact will be felt for the rest of the season…

Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 11 Cursed spirit finds Yoshino's mother

What have you learnt?

I guess the thing to remember with all this is that the “bad guys” are trying to get to Sukuna and have developed this crazy plan in which to get there. However, there’s obviously something more to it. There’s a connection somewhere with Yoshino and I think it’s someone that we, as the audience, would know which is why the family picture had the father’s face obscured.

It seems unlikely that it’s someone that Itadori would have recognized which leaves me to think that it is Suguru Getou, the evil Jujutsu sorcerer that caused all sorts of issues before. He’s the one that was having coffee with Jogo and the other cursed spirits. He’s the one backing Mahito. What is his end game? Does he just hope for chaos, for a world where only curses exist? But can a curse exist without the fears of humans to give it life? Lots of questions. Hopefully, we’ll get some answers soon.

Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 11 Yoshino Family Photo

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