Jujutsu Kaisen (Episode 21) – Jujutsu Koshien

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It’s day two of the inter-school competition and thanks to some interference from Gojou, it’s going to be a game of baseball that decides who wins. Surely, there’s no way things can get out of control with baseball… right?

Jujutsu Kaisen (Episode 21) – Jujutsu Koshien

What happened?

Mahito stole the six Sukuna fingers that the school had and some other cursed items. He also killed several sorcerers and guards. The question as to whether they continue with the event was put to the students and surprisingly, Toudou came up with the answer that everyone agreed with. The event would continue!

Normally, the second day would be individual fights between students, but this year, Gojou switched out the options and they would have to settle things with baseball.

While up to bat, Koma asked Itadori, who was playing catcher, why he wanted to become a Jujutsu sorcerer. Itadori said that he was a bit of a loner and as such he wants to save a lot of people so that when he dies, there will be people to watch over him. That reminded Koma of something his mother once said to him. He said it was a good reason as he struck out.

Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 21 Maki pitching

Kyoto took to the field and rolled out a pitching machine to be their pitcher. It had Mechamaru’s face painted on it but Nobara wasn’t impressed at all. Of course, Mai took this opportunity to further torment her. After a couple of hits, Nobara and Panda were on bases. Maki caught the pitch and sent it soaring towards the boundary.

However, Kyoto has Nishimiya patrolling the skies on her broom. Tokyo were not happy about it, but the out stood.

Once Tokyo got back onto the field, Toudou took his chance to talk to Itadori and tell him that he’d rather be going up against him as the pitcher. He didn’t really get a chance to finish his thought though as Maki hit him in the face with her fastball!

Finally, Itadori got a chance to bat and he hit it out of the park!

Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 21 Itadori home run

What did you think?

The more I see of Nobara, the more I enjoy her reactions and furious outbursts. It’s a shame that she’s not been in it more up to this point. Hopefully, now that Gojou doesn’t have to pretend that Itadori is dead we should see more of her and Fushiguru.

In the scope of things, a baseball game might be an odd episode, but it worked as a nice relaxing break from the last seven episodes which have been all action all the time. It was also nice seeing everyone interacting as if they were normal people too.

Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 21 Nobara starts a fight

What have you learnt?

Everybody hates Toudou! I’m sure he doesn’t do himself any favours with the single-minded focus he has, but I think he’s hilarious and with his Boogie Woogie skill he can pop up and see how Itadori is doing whenever he wants… whenever!

Anyhow, back to baseball. In a story, it’s always a good idea to vary the pace. I know that I’m guilty of this in the past by writing non-stop action extravaganzas but I am starting to get a better appreciation for the relaxed and silly episodes. It gives everyone a chance to take a breath before things get really serious, which I’m certain they will.

Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 21 Toudou hit in the face

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