Kandagawa Jet Girls (Episode 10) – A Summer Gig Receive

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Kandagawa Jet Girls Title 2

Their jet ski needs a new power core if they are to keep up with the others let alone compete. However, they’re going to need to earn the money themselves. Luckily, it’s summer and that means summer jobs!

Kandagawa Jet Girls (Episode 10) – A Summer Gig Receive

What happened?

So, it doesn’t matter how good they get, their jet ski will never keep up on the straights. It’s just not powerful enough and a new power core will cost more than three hundred thousand yen. Unfortunately, the student council is not willing to provide the additional funds so they will have to earn it themselves. Everyone in the club gets a summer job so that they can try to earn enough in time for the finals. Kiriko and Hina get a job at a convenience store while Rin and Namiki end up working at the idol cafe, much to the enjoyment of Emily Orange and Jennifer Peach.

They’re still short of their target but then Jennifer phones Rin with an offer. Her aunt runs a beach cafe and needs some help. It’s peak season and will be busy. She’s paying ten thousand yen per person. Misa and Rin go to help. Rin accidentally forgets herself and does the idol performance while delivering food and the customers love it. By the end of lunch, they have sold out of food and get the rest of the day off and a bonus. Plus they get to play at the beach. They soon run into Yuzu and Manatsu and then Din and Ziyu. Then, they find a beach volleyball tournament with one hundred thousand yen as the top prize. This could solve all their problems.

Kandagawa Jet Girls Episode 10 Misa Aoi and Fumika Shinshijuin

What did you think?

It was another non-jet racing episode and it was spectacular. The first segment focused on their summer jobs and seeing Misa trying to muster the courage to do the magical performance at the idol cafe was great. Emily and Jennifer’s reactions were just as good. Then, when things shifted to the beach it raised the level once more. However, it wasn’t until they were let go for the day that this episode really found its peak.

I’m a big fan of beach episodes and this was a great one. Not only did we have all the main girls there to enjoy it but we were then treated to a volleyball tournament. It wasn’t at the same level as Harukana Receive but it was a lot of fun. As is so often the case with shows like this, the main pull is the racing and the girls, but it’s their friendships that develop through the series that really elevate the show. No one is claiming it’s going to win any awards but to dismiss it because of the fan service is unfair.

Episode highlights

Summer Jobs!

Beach Cafe!

Free Time!

Volleyball Tournament!

The Final!

A Good Day!

Mid-episode Transition!

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