Killing Bites (Episode 1) – The One With Sharper Fangs Will Win

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Yuuya was in the wrong place at the wrong time, but he was lucky to come away with his life after his ‘friends’ grabbed the wrong girl! Now, he’s going to have to live with the consequences… and the girl!

Killing Bites (Episode 1) – The One With Sharper Fangs Will Win

What happened?

A guy that Yuuya knew through work asked him to come along with his buddies as they drove around picking up girls. What he didn’t realise until it was too late was that picking up girls meant grabbing them off the street and raping them! He slammed on the brakes and tried to object, but it was too late. All of the guys in the back were dead! The girl leaned into the front of the van and calmly gave him directions on where to drive.

They arrived at a scrapyard that was littered with dead bodies. As the girl talked on her phone, Yuuya saw his chance to run. He didn’t make it far before stumbling upon a clearing and a man. Yuuya begged for help, but the man turned into a monstrous creature resembling a were-lion and attacked him. The girl saved him just in time, but things were about to get worse. Yuuya was to be the prize for a death match between the were-lion and the girl. Yuuya was concerned, but the girl seemed unfazed, transforming into a monster herself.

The fight erupted with furious speed and intensity. All Yuuya could do was sit there and watch. It looked like the lion was bound to win, but the girl revealed that she was a were-ratel (honey badger) and quickly turned the tables, defeating him.

The next morning Yuuya woke back in his room and found the girl lying on a futon beside him. She made him take her for breakfast where he met her guardian, Dr Shidou. He told her that she would be Yuuya’s bodyguard as he was now her only investor. He also gave Yuuya one hundred million yen to stake in the next fight. What had Yuuya got himself into?

Killing Bites Episode 1 Hitomi Uzaki changing

What did you think?

It’s been a while since I saw Gleipnir, but Clair’s smiles still appear in my mind from time to time. So, imagine my joy when I found Hitomi in Killing Bites. She is the were-honey badger and has a lot of great grins and smiles just like Clair from Gleipnir. It’s also a dark and crazy series with some cool-looking fights. To give you an idea of how dark, the protagonist was accidentally involved in an attempted kidnapping that would have been far worse has it not been Hitomi that they grabbed. Luckily, she killed them all and used Yuuya’s organs as collateral for a bet. That’s how dark! That said, I’m really excited about this series and expect to have a lot of fun. It’s clear that it’s not going to shy away from darker topics too which is a big bonus.

Killing Bites Episode 1 Hitomi Uzaki has a request

Episode highlights

Picking Up Girls!

What’s Going On?!


It Wasn’t a Dream!

Can I show you Something?!

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