Killing Bites (Episode 3) – I Really Have No Redeeming Quality

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To compete in the Destroyal, Hitomi and Ichinosuke need to find another Brute to join their team. Yuuya also learns that he has a role to play in the event and is urged to pull out, but he’s afraid Hitomi will kill him if he does!

Killing Bites (Episode 3) – I Really Have No Redeeming Quality

What happened?

After Hitomi’s first encounter with Eruza ended, they found themselves sitting with Yuuya in his manga club, much to the delight of the manga geeks. However, they also felt that Yuuya was just flaunting his harem in front of them all and were about to ask him to leave until his friend had a better idea. They saw them running around as furries and wanted them to do some cosplay for them. Surprisingly Eruza agreed and convinced Hitomi to do it so she could show her how to only partially transform.

Later, Eruza took Hitomi away to discuss things and left Yuuya to fend for himself, although he’s apparently safe until after the Destroyal, if he survives it, that is! However, when he returns to his apartment he finds Leo inside and his master, one of the heirs to a Zaibatsu. She tells him that he should withdraw from the contest and he says he can’t without talking to Hitomi. The heir finds him infuriating and quickly leaves.

When Hitomi returns, she confirms that they will compete, but they need to get a third member for the team or they can’t enter and it would appear that someone is determined to stop them from finding that member. The last option is an unaffiliated Brute called Ui Inaba. Ichinosuke meets with her to try to convince her to join, but she’s a rabbit and is terrified of pretty much everything. After Hitomi tries, she flees the diner.

Hitomi sends Yuuya after Ui. He tries to talk to her, but they are attacked by another Brute – a horned lizard that can shoot blood from her eye as a weapon. She tries to stop Ui from joining them, but Hitomi catches up and defeats her and her twin sister. That was enough to convince Ui to join them, surprisingly!

Killing Bites Episode 3 Eruza and Hitomi cat girl maid costumes

What did you think?

We’re laying down some of the rules for the Destroyal which is sounding more and more deadly as we discover more about it. I’m surprised that Yuuya hasn’t completely run away, but he probably wouldn’t get very far. Ui seems like she’s going to be a lot of fun, especially once we saw a different side of her. I’m referring to the confidence she gained from “beating” the lizard girls.

There was some fun ecchi moments in this episode as Hitomi and Eruza put on the maid costumes and posed for photos. I was a little worried that it was going to take a darker turn when they wouldn’t let Yuuya just leave, but thankfully not everyone he knows is a rapist! Another odd thing that I noticed was with the horned lizard girls… or should I say twin sisters… or should I say twin sisters who sleep together in the nude… Did they need to make them sisters? Just a thought!

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