KonoSuba: God’s blessing on this wonderful world! (Episode 13) – A Friend for This Crimson Demon Girl!

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Darkness is with the Lord doing who knows what while Kazuma, Megumin, and Aqua try to get rid of the giant toads that woke up early thanks to Megumin’s explosions while they tried to break Kazuma out of jail!

What happened?

Sena enlists Kazuma and his party to take care of the giant toads outside of the city. It would appear that they all woke up early because of Megumin’s explosions. This time, however, Kazuma has a new skill that is sure to help them out. He has learnt archery and with his luck stats, he’s almost guaranteed to hit his target, which he does. However, the giant toad is completely unfazed and tries to swallow Aqua.

Kazuma managed to free Aqua, but then more giant toads appeared. They managed to swallow Aqua and Sena. Megumin was already in one toad’s mouth and Kazuma looked to be heading the same way soon. Then, there was a flash of light and all the toads exploded. Kazuma turned to see another arch-wizard standing before him.

She introduced herself as Yunyun, Megumin’s rival and challenged her to a duel. Megumin who was still covered in toad mucus was able to win, thanks to the disgusting mucus. On the way back to their home, she also covered Kazuma in it, which lead to a fight over who would use the bath first. There was a discussion about gender equality and they ended up going in together…

Later, they all went to Wiz’s shop, even after Aqua found out about the bath and called Kazuma a LoliconNEET. Inside the shop, they found Yunyun who again challenged Megumin. The tried a friendship orb, but that just showed how sad and lonely both of their childhoods were. There were no winners.

KonoSuba Episode 13 Aqua and Kazuma

What did you think?

Almost nothing happened in this episode other than the official introduction of Yunyun. Her last appearance was in the OVA which isn’t canon. She definitely brings an interesting dynamic to the group and makes Megumin that much more forceful. The argument about who should use the bath first was hilarious, although the battle with the giant toads was my favourite moment.

It’s a return to the usual sort of nonsense that Kazuma and his party get up to and it was great. I said that nothing really happened and yet it was hilarious. This is such a fun series.

KonoSuba Episode 13 Megumin and Yunyun covered in slime

What have you learnt?

It’s possible to make even the most boring and mundane interactions funny if you put a bit of heart into it. Seeing Megumin and Kazuma going back and forth about the bath was great. Seeing Kazuma ask why they were in the bath together a moment later was just too funny. Then the prospect of Aqua finding them really made it. The scene works because it’s ridiculous, but also because all of the characters were acting as you would expect them too. Staying in character helps to bring out the dry humour of the series.

KonoSuba Episode 13 Kazuma Megumin and Chomusuke having a bath

What is Aqua wearing?

In episode thirteen of Konosuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World!, there was no further evidence that I could apply to my investigation. I do think we may have found another ally in our quest for truth though. Megumin’s cat, Chomusuke is quite clearly a bit of a pervert as you can see in the image below. He is most definitely batting Wiz’s boobs from side to side. Now, if we can just pull him away from her glorious chest for a moment, he might be able to assist us… Who am I kidding? We’re not going to get any help from a cat, not when the alternative is playing with Wiz!

KonoSuba Episode 13 Chomusuke playing with Wiz

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