KonoSuba: God’s blessing on this wonderful world! (Episode 19) – Sightseeing in This Pitiful City!

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Kazuma has a plan to get rid of the Runner Kite Hawks although it seems a little barbaric, even for Kazuma. It works, but then as they rest at night, they are attacked by zombies! Hopefully, the hot spring city will be better.

What happened?

The Runner Kite Hawks narrowly miss Darkness and the thrill is getting too much for her to take. Luckily, Kazuma has a plan and gets his wagon to race to a nearby cave. Darkness is too heavy to carry to the wagon so she says to drag her behind, which they do. The Runner Kite Hawks give chase and eventually race into the cave where Megumin blows them all up.

The owner of the wagon train is desperate to thank Kazuma and wants to give him a reward, but since it’s Darkness’ fault he cannot accept it. After a night of partying, Kazuma wakes up suddenly with a feeling that something is not quite right. Suddenly they are attacked by zombies, but luckily, they have Aqua who purifies them all and almost kills Wiz! Of course, it was Aqua’s fault that the zombies approached so Kazuma, once more, cannot accept a reward.

KonoSuba Episode 19 Darkness being dragged behind a wagon

They arrive at the beautiful city of Arcanretia, home of hot springs and the Axis Cult… That’s right, it’s the church that worships Aqua and she is excited to see how things are going. Kazuma and Darkness decide to take a walk through the city and are attacked by crazy members of the Axis Cult continuously, desperately trying to get them to convert. They don’t take too kindly to Darkness as she is a follow of Eris.

After a day of constantly being harassed, Kazuma is delighted to see a normal little girl. She asks him his name and then how to spell it. She even hands him a piece of paper and a pen so that he can write it down for her… hang on! It’s a sign-up form for the Axis Cult! Kazuma loses it and tears it to pieces.

KonoSuba Episode 19 Kazuma and Darkness being harassed by the Axis Cult

What did you think?

I think I enjoyed this one even more than the last episode. It was a great conclusion to the Runner Kite Hawks and then the zombies just bumped it up once more. Of course, as is so often the case, everything that happens to them is in some way their own fault. It’s a great premise and I love seeing it all come together over and over again.

The Axis Cult were mental and seeing them grind Kazuma down was brilliant. All the different ways that they would use to approach them and try to convert them was hilarious. Especially, when it was the little girl, and she almost did it too.

KonoSuba Episode 19 Aqua purifying zombies

What have you learnt?

I think this series is underappreciated. There’s a lot more that has gone into the planning than I think is noticed. Everything ties together. There are so many examples of things that happened in earlier episodes getting reused and advanced that it’s hard to keep track of them all.

It just goes to show that you should constantly be aware of what you’re writing and looking for ways to loop back. I love it in the planning stage when you’ve lined everything up and then there’s this one piece of information that connects it all together.

KonoSuba Episode 19 Kazuma can't accept the reward

What is Aqua wearing?

In episode nineteen of Konosuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World!, Aqua was quite clearly not wearing any panties. I feel like this image is the undeniable proof that we’ve all been looking for, and we’ve not even made it to the hot springs yet. Maybe… Anyhow, there are two more episodes, an OVA, and a movie, so I’ll keep investigating and try to prove beyond all doubt.

KonoSuba Episode 19 Aqua's bum

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  1. Of all the Konosuba episodes I’ve seen this season this one has to be my favourite. Especially the whole church rivalry subplot, and how Kazuma loses his mind over the people trying to auto-convert him ? I say this especially as a guy who really likes Christian history and knows of all the conflict surrounding it.

    And that finale… oh man. Perfect Konosuba style of epic finish with unexpected outcomes. No wonder this series is gold.

    • Yeah, this one is fantastic. It’s amazing how persistent they are and how everyone is in on it. They don’t miss an opportunity to convert. How they treated Darkness was funny too, but only because she enjoyed it. It’s surprising just how well this series is written. You wouldn’t think it looking at it from afar, but it’s really clever.

    • Oh yes, the writing just works so well. The way it takes your isekai expectations and warps it upside down without even asking you for it is what I will always remember from it. Even if you told me how the episode happened, I still would not have imagined it being at the levels of extreme to how the series depicted it! And that, is the hallmark of a good show to me.

    • It never fails to deliver. Even once you get it and your expectations are set higher, it goes harder. I think there are things you would notice for the first time every time you watch it.

    • I’ve read the first light novel and really enjoyed it. I need to pick up the others. I’m pretty sure they go beyond what we’ve seen in the anime by quite some way.

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