KonoSuba: God’s blessing on this wonderful world! (Episode 2) – An Explosion for This Chunibyo!

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It’s time for their first quest, although Aqua overslept… Anyhow, they have five days to kill three giant toads. After their first day, they realised that they might need some help so Aqua put up a recruitment poster!

What happened?

It began as you might expect with Kazuma running from one of these giant frogs that are known to eat cattle and sometimes farmers. Of course, Aqua is loving it and can’t control her laughter. Eventually, she offers to help if Kazuma joins her religion and worships her. While this flight of fancy is going on the giant toad switches targets and tries to eat Aqua. Luckily, it sat still while trying to digest her which meant that Kazuma could kill it and rescue her.

Determined not to be beaten by a measly toad, Aqua charges in with a powerful attack, which is utterly useless against the toad. It then tries to eat her and Kazuma has to rescue her again. Still, after their first day, they killed two giant toads. However, they are struggling and Aqua almost got eaten twice. So, they decide to try to find new party members.

It doesn’t look like anyone is going to join, but then an arch-mage with mastery of explosive magic approaches them. She seems too good to be true, but they take her to finish the quest. Kazuma gets to see her power first hand and it is epic. However, Megumin has no stamina and ends up getting eaten by a toad that was awoken by her explosion. Aqua is also in the process of being eaten, so Kazuma has to save them both. What will he do with these two hopeless adventurers?

KonoSuba Episode 2 Aqua and Kazuma

What did you think?

One thing I love about this series is the way the animation gets infinitely better when someone is about to pull off some magic or a crazy attack. It’s spectacular, but then it also turns out that the user is out of their depth and things quickly turn bad. I thought it was hilarious how Kazuma started to work out just how useless Megumin would be on a quest with her one trick that renders her unable to move. Of course, Aqua is taken with her and they quickly bond.

It’s amazing just how hopeless these characters are and Kazuma, the shut-in NEET turns out to be the most useful. I also loved the moment Megumin realised what she had to do to be able to join the party.

KonoSuba Episode 2 Megumin and Aqua

What have you learnt?

One of the best things about KonoSuba so far is that it continually sets you up to be impressed and then massively underdelivers. So much so that it’s hilarious and it does it again and again without feeling overused. To the point that Megumin’s attack was incredibly effective, but it had a huge downside. They always say that you should give your hero a flaw or if they have a power it should come with a price. This series has taken that and blown it up!

KonoSuba Episode 2 Megumin

What is Aqua wearing?

In episode two of Konosuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World!, there was no more evidence to support either outcome in the is Aqua wearing any panties department? I guess I’ll just have to keep analyzing the series… There’s bound to be a clue somewhere…

KonoSuba Episode 2 Is Aqua wearing Panties

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