KonoSuba: God’s blessing on this wonderful world! (Episode 3) – A Panty Treasure in This Right Hand!

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Kazuma is trying to stop a crusader named Darkness from joining his party. She’s in a high-ranking profession but is admittedly not very good. Plus, she’s a little bit of a masochist… all right, a lot of a masochist!

What happened?

In an attempt to convince Kazuma to let her join his party, Darkness brings along her friend, Chris. Chris is a thief and is willing to teach Kazuma some skills so that he can learn them. After teaching him steal and stealing his money in the process, she gives him the chance to win them back by using his newly acquired skill. However, she has a handful of rocks to potentially throw off his attempt. Kazuma is willing to try his luck, which is unusually high if you remember. Well, Kazuma doesn’t steal Chris’ valuable dagger. Oh no. He takes something even more precious… Chris’ panties!

Darkness later meets Aqua and Megumin and is trying to explain how she would be useful to the party, although Kazuma is determined to say no. However, their discussion is interrupted by a compulsory mission. The town is under attack and all adventurers are to report to the front gate. They are under attack by cabbages, migrating to a secret place where they can die in peace without being eaten. The guild is willing to pay ten-thousand Eris for every cabbage caught.

Kazuma cannot believe what he is watching, but then when a couple of adventurer’s get knocked over, things get much worse. Darkness runs to their aid and uses her body as a shield to allow them to escape. The cabbages continue to attack, breaking apart Darkness’ armour and exposing her to the other adventurers. To Kazuma’s horror, she is enjoying it. Then, Megumin steps up and unleashes her explosion magic to destroy the attacking cabbages! After all that, it’s impossible for Kazuma to turn Darkness down.

KonoSuba Episode 3 Kazuma steals Chris' Panties

What did you think?

There were two main points in this episode. The first was Kazuma learning some new skills that worked well with his luck status. A little too well possibly, but it was hilarious. I loved the idea of taking someone like Kazuma and giving him a skill that perfectly fits his out of balance stats, and then plays perfectly into his shut-in lifestyle. It was perfect!

Then, we had what is probably one of the most memorable moments from the entire series – the attack of the cabbages! I love surreal humour and this is excellent. Taking something as ordinary as cabbages and making them extraordinary is brilliant. Then, when you give the characters the reactions you would expect from something much more sinister and throw Kazuma’s reactions in as well, it just gets funnier and funnier. There is layer upon layer of ridiculousness and I love it.

KonoSuba Episode 3 Kazuma Cabbages Attack

What have you learnt?

In fiction there really shouldn’t be any true surprises. If there are, it means that the author has failed to foreshadow or done something unexpected and unpredictable. The best surprises should seem obvious after the fact. Our minds will pick up all the details that lead up to the surprise and when it happens, it will all fit together. The same thing goes with the way that Kazuma has developed. All of his backstory and character traits allow us to completely believe in him becoming a thief and then using that ability to steal panties. What I’m saying is, foreshadowing really matters.

KonoSuba Episode 3 Darkness protects the adventurers from the Cabbages

What is Aqua wearing?

In episode three of Konosuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World!, there was no clear evidence to support either outcome, but I would like to bring something to your attention all the same. When Kazuma showed Aqua and Megumin his new steal skill, is it a coincidence that he stole Megumin’s panties or does Aqua not have any to steal? I’ll let you decide!

KonoSuba Episode 3 Kazuma stole Megumin's Panties

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