KonoSuba: God’s blessing on this wonderful world! (Episode 30) – Rest for the Master of This Lake!

KonoSuba God's Blessing on This Wonderful World 3 Title

Kazuma didn’t survive their first attack against the Hydra and that made him less interested in defeating it at all. However, since Darkness wouldn’t give up, Kazuma convinced the entire guild to join the fight.

KonoSuba: God’s blessing on this wonderful world! (Episode 30) – Rest for the Master of This Lake!

What happened?

Kazuma had been eaten by the Hydra. Once Aqua had revived him, he learned that Darkness dived into its mouth to save his body, which had been partially digested. Still, it’s not the worst thing that’s happened to Kazuma. After cleaning up, Kazuma and Darkness met up with Megumin and Aqua at the Guildhall. However, they soon discovered that no one was particularly happy that they had upset the Hydra. The Guild was hoping the Holy Knights would come and take care of it, but they are a little busy looking for the Silver-haired Bandits. A massive bounty has been issued for their capture and rumour has it that they are somewhere in Axel…

Anyhow, Darkness has been determined to defeat the Hydra and is going every day with Megumin so that she can lure it close to the shore where Megumin can hit it with Explosion. However, every day, they come back without a victory. One day, they notice that Darkness has disappeared and can only assume that she’s gone to fight the Hydra alone. Aqua and Megumin run to stop her while Kazuma heads off to take care of some things. Eventually, Kazuma catches up with all of the Guild members behind him. Together they will take down the Hydra – Kazuma has a plan!

Darkness uses Lure to bring the Hydra to the shore. Then, all the thief-style adventurers use Bind to create a massive drop which they use to restrain it. Next, Kazuma is launched onto its back where he can use Drain to absorb its mana. Once it has no mana, it won’t be able to regenerate. All the while, Aqua danced around giving Blessings to anyone and everyone. However, the Hydra rolls to one side, throwing Kazuma off. Darkness gets there in time to shield Kazume from being squashed, but she can’t hold on for long. He resumes draining its mana while yelling at Darkness not to give up. Yun-Yun attacks, removing one of its heads which doesn’t grow back. That’s the sign they’ve been waiting for. Megumin, powered up by the other mages, attacks with Explosion. They defeated it! After the celebrations, Kazuma, Aqua, and Megumin arrive home to find a letter from Darkness. She’s leaving the party!

What did you think?

This was a much more focused episode but still managed to drop some extra funny moments in too. There was one where Aqua was singing to her egg in the hopes of making it into a powerful dragon and towards the end her song went off-topic as she sang about how Eris pads her bra. We’re still waiting to find out if it is indeed a dragon and not a chicken. There was a great moment at the beginning where Megumin asked Kazuma if he was a pervert. Before he could answer the OP began which starts with the word “Yes”. Coincidence? I think not.

It’s always exciting when we get to see the whole Guild working together and this was no exception. It just goes to show that Kazuma can get things done when he puts his mind to it. He’s just incredibly lazy! It’s great to see all the weird and wonderful characters reappearing time and again and it’s funny that Kazuma’s plan often seems to involve firing himself into the most dangerous spot. The battle with the Hydra was excellent, especially the part where Darkness was protecting Kazuma and getting turned on by the situation where she had all the power but Kazuma was still yelling at her and belittling her. She was literally drooling at the prospect.

It was also a shock ending with Darkness leaving the party. If only she actually told them what was going on rather than running away to take it all on her own. You know they would help. As much as Kazuma is a lazy bum, he never abandons his friends. Come back, Darkness!

KonoSuba Episode 30 Darkness enjoying the situation as Kazuma yells at her

Episode highlights

Series Information

English TitleKonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!
Japanese TitleKono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!


Season One
SeasonSeason One
ReleasedWinter 2016
Animation StudiosStudio Deen
1This Self-Proclaimed Goddess and Reincarnation in Another World!
2An Explosion for This Chunibyo!
3A Panty Treasure in This Right Hand!
4Explosion Magic for This Formidable Enemy!
5A Price for This Cursed Sword!
6A Conclusion to This Worthless Fight!
7A Second Death in This Freezing Season!
8A Loving Hand for Our Party When We Can’t Make It Through Winter!
9God’s Blessing on This Wonderful Shop!
10Final Flame for this Over-the-top Fortress!
Season One – OVA
English TitleGod’s Blessings On This Wonderful Choker!
Japanese TitleKono Subarashii Choker ni Shukufuku wo!
ReleasedWinter 2016
Animation StudiosStudio Deen
Season Two
SeasonSeason Two
ReleasedWinter 2017
Animation StudiosStudio Deen
1Give Me Deliverance From This Judicial Injustice!
2A Friend for This Crimson Demon Girl!
3Peace for the Master of This Labyrinth!
4A Betrothed for This Noble Daughter!
5Servitude for This Masked Knight!
6Goodbye to This Irritating Living World!
7An Invitation for This Knucklehead!
8Sightseeing in This Pitiful City!
9A Goddess for This Corrupt Hot Springs Town!
10God’s Blessing on This Wonderful Party!
Season Two – OVA
English TitleGod’s Blessings on These Wonderful Works of Art!
Japanese TitleKono Subarashii Geijutsu ni Shukufuku wo!
ReleasedWinter 2017
Animation StudiosStudio Deen
English TitleLegend of Crimson
Japanese TitleKurenai Densetsu
ReleasedSummer 2019
Animation StudiosJ.C.Staff
Season Three
SeasonSeason Three
ReleasedSpring 2024
Animation StudiosDrive
1God’s Blessings on This Bright Future!
2A Smile for This Dour Girl!
3A Re-education for This Bright Little Girl!
4Divine Punishment for This Handsome Gentleman Thief!
5Nefarious Friends for This Sheltered Princess!
6A Farewell to This Lavish Lifestyle!
7Rest for This Up-And-Coming Adventurer!
8Rest for the Master of This Lake!
9A Talking-To for This Runaway!
10Blessings for This Selfish Bride!
11God’s Blessings for These Unchanging Days!

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    • I wouldn’t say that. I’ve loved the stuff with Chris, especially when they robbed the palace together. This was definitely one of the better episodes of the season, but I’m still having a great time.

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