KonoSuba: God’s blessing on this wonderful world! (Episode 4) – Explosion Magic for This Formidable Enemy!

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Kazuma acquired a small fortune from his part in the cabbage battle and it might be enough to get them someplace more permanent to stay. Until then, he’s going to have to help Megumin practice her magic on an abandoned castle!

What happened?

Thanks to Kazuma’s luck, all the cabbage he captured were rich in XP and got him a handsome reward to the tune of one million. With that out in the open, Aqua is quick to exploit the situation to pay off her bar tab. If only she had some dirt on Kazuma… It’s not like they sleep side by side every night and he can get quite lonely… Anyhow, Kazuma hands over the money and goes to check for a new quest.

However, all the easy quests have disappeared as one of the Demon Lord’s leaders has moved into the area and they’ve all gone into hiding. With nothing else to do, Kazuma helps Megumin practice her magic on an old abandoned castle. Day after day, rain or shine, Megumin blows that castle up.

Well, it turns out that the castle is the new home to the Dullahan, leader of the Demon Lord’s army and he doesn’t like being blown up, daily! He comes to the town to find out who is doing it, although after Megumin stands up to him, he tells her to stop and he’ll leave them alone. Of course, she can’t do that and calls Aqua to come and purify the Dullahan. This infuriates him into putting a death curse on Megumin, although Darkness jumps in at the last second.

Now, Kazuma and Megumin must go to the Dullahan’s castle and defeat him to save Darkness… or Aqua could just remove the curse. It’s child’s play for her…

KonoSuba Episode 4 Megumin uses Explosion Magic

What did you think?

I enjoyed the way Kazuma got quite into Megumin’s explosions and started to rate them as if he was enjoying fine wine. Of course, it’s even funnier when you picture the Dullahan settling in and getting blown up every single day. I imagine they did it whenever they felt like it in the day too, so there was no way for him to prepare. It was also funny that he seemed like the reasonable one and was willing to let it slide if Megumin would just stop doing it.

I also love Kazuma’s reaction to everything and how whenever they yell his name as if they want him to chime in on something, he simply says “Yes, I’m Kazuma.” It’s all ridiculous and hilarious at the same time and then the fact that Aqua just undid the curse at the end, crushing Kazuma and Megumin’s excitement at taking on the Dullahan, was brilliant.

KonoSuba Episode 4 The Dullahan

What have you learnt?

The way that the Dullahan was used was excellent. Having him be reasonable and understanding to a point was a great idea. Of course, having our heroes being stubborn and idiotic is a hiliarous counter to that. Basically, I think the comedy works so well because we know they’re supposed to be the heroes but they regularly don’t act like it. That makes them and the Dullahan that much more interesting. It’s always a good idea to give characters flaws, but what if those flaws are so crippling that it makes them appear useless. I feel like that’s the soul of this series.

KonoSuba Episode 4 Darkness cursed in Megamin's place

What is Aqua wearing?

In episode four of Konosuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World!, I’m still searching for evidence as to whether Aqua is wearing panties or not. However, whether she is or isn’t doesn’t appear to matter when she’s trying to extort money out of Kazuma to pay her bar tab. It’s quite clear that Aqua knows what she’s doing… We are sadly no closer to the truth!

KonoSuba Episode 4 Aqua trying to get money out of Kazuma

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    • They have a fun relationship. I love the way he grades her explosions and then carries her home. It was even better when you learn that they had been attacking the Dullahan relentlessly without realizing.

    • Yep! Another way this series epitomizes “expect the unexpected!”

      I remember shipping them hard (and I still do) for that reason and others in the series alone. Even wrote a post about it back in March of 2020, that’s how great they were as a team ?

    • The group dynamic is fantastic, but they all have more personal relationships with one another that I love too.

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