Magical Girl Apocalypse (Volume 16)

Magical Girl Apocalypse Volume 16 Cover

All of existence has been destroyed and replaced with a single planet where everyone and everything is controlled by Kurorogi Rei. However, Tsukune saved her younger self and Kii, but to what end?

Magical Girl Apocalypse (Volume 16)

What happened?

As the universe was destroyed, Tsukune travelled between the parallel worlds and found her younger self and Kii who had been used to create the thirteenth Magical Girl needed for the ritual. When everything ended they were the sole survivors, existing in a space between space. Tsukune explained what had happened. How Kurorogi Rei had erased everything and created a perfect world where he controlled everything.

Kii wanted to find a way to defeat him, but Tsukune told him it was pointless. Kurorogi was basically a god now. He could see everything every person on the planet could see. If they went there, they would be found in seconds and destroyed just as quickly. Kii asked her why she saved them then. That was when they discovered that they were not the only survivors…

Magical Girl Apocalypse Volume 16 Mikano and Shinobu seen by someone

Raile Muroku had survived along with Shinobu and Mikano. They had been flung into the void by Hana-chan in her final moment of defiance. Kii asked Raile if he could build another Altar of Time. He could, but they would need thirteen Magical Girls of the same generation to complete the ritual and there were only three between them

Kii didn’t care how long it took them, he would keep fighting to recreate their world and restore all of their friends. Raile warned them that it would be hard. They would be living in secret in a world where Kurorogi saw everything. The chances of success were slim. It didn’t matter. They had to try.

Magical Girl Apocalypse Volume 16 Tsukunes magical powers awaken

They took up residence in the mountains, far away from civilisation. Raile made good on his promise and built another Altar of Time. Now, they just needed to make a lot of Magical Girls… Kii and Shinobu were talking one evening, no doubt the burden of what they faced weighing heavy on their minds. It had been three months and ten days and they still hadn’t been able to start the process…

Later that night, Tsukune came to Kii’s bed and asked to sleep with him. He allowed her to climb in and soon they were on their way to making a Magical Girl. However, Kii stopped when he saw Tsukune crying. She reassured him that she was happy and that she had always wanted this, but never imagined it would have been possible.

However, while that was going on, Shinobu and Mikano were seen by a hiker! Within seconds, Kurorogi Rei knew of their existence and launched a full attack, destroying the mountainside. Tsukune was able to protect everyone when her powers manifested, and they were different to the future Tsukune’s. Could they use this to fight back?

Magical Girl Apocalypse Volume 16 Tsukune and Kii face Kurorogi Rei

What did you think?

And there you have it! I’ve now finished Magical Girl Apocalypse and I can honestly say that this series has been incredible. This volume was a much more sombre affair and that’s understandable considering what had happened and what they faced. I will always be a Kii and Kaede shipper, but this was nicely done. The moment between Kii and Tsukune when they had sex was intense. All those feelings Tsukune had bottled up because she knew what could happen if they ever had a baby had gone, freeing her to be happy.

I certainly wasn’t expecting the plot of the final volume to be that they would attempt to have thirteen children. It’s not like they could split the work either. Mikano and Tsukune are not of the same generation. It’s possible that Tuskune and future Tsukune could split the load, but even then, who knows if that would work otherwise, Himeji could have just kidnapped the same Magical Girl thirteen times by travelling back through time…

Magical Girl Apocalypse Volume 16 Tsukune and Kii

What have you learnt?

There have been a number of instances of the fabled Deus ex Machina in this series and this volume was no exception, which was ironic as that how they defeated the god! Tsukune’s magical powers appeared at a rather opportune time and they were new. They weren’t just different from the other Tsukune’s, they were the ideal weapon with which to destroy Kurorogi Rei.

I thought it was a great touch that the ritual hadn’t been perfect as the child of Kii and Tsukune hadn’t been conceived with love. It was an artificial job and that weakened Kurorogi’s plan. Because of that, they were able to break out of the world and face him. Tsukune was about to use her powers to overwrite everything knowing that it would likely kill her. Kii realised and told her to channel her powers through him. He would recreate the world, saving her.

I’m a sucker for the noble sacrifice and this series pretty much nailed it. It was sad seeing everyone getting together on the five year anniversary of Kii’s death, and even sadder that it was basically Kii orchestrating it through the son he had with Tsukune. Remember, Magical Girls couldn’t have sons. Kii erased magic from the world entirely, freeing everyone from their burdens. Even the alternate Magical Girls were now human.

The final kicker was when Kaede broke down and Kii’s son apologised that his father couldn’t answer her question from before. I felt like that was the true reason to gather them all together. Kaede never got the closure she needed. All in all, this was a wonderfully satisfying ending.

Magical Girl Apocalypse Volume 16 Kii Kogami Grave

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