Magical Girl Apocalypse (Volume 4)

Magical Girl Apocalypse Volume 4 Cover

They’re back in the present and things are not getting any better. Kii and Kaede have been picked up by the JSDF and are going to take them to a deserted island, but first, they’re going to the hospital for Tsukune and the others.

Magical Girl Apocalypse (Volume 4)

What happened?

Rintaro had just been fired through the air by a pair of Magical Girls and it looked like it was all over for him. However, he had one of their wands on him and figured he’d give it a go. Amazingly, it worked and he survived. Meanwhile, Kaede and Kii were with the JSDF who were keen to get them out of there. However, it looked like Kaede was about to sacrifice herself to let the others escape until all the Magical Zombies vanished. Kii noticed two strangers watching from the rooftops and then they suddenly vanished.

There was no time to rest as another Magical Girl appeared and she started what appeared to be an explosion. The helicopter pulled away just in time. At the hospital, Tsukune’s father confronted her about the Magical Girls and how they looked like the ones she drew as a child… or should he say Asuka! It would appear that Tsukune has a split personality of sorts and everything is designed to get her and Kii together.

Magical Girl Apocalypse Volume 4 Fukumoto Tsukune

Yoruka overheard some of the conversation and ran. She raced back to Ren to leave, but he came scrambling out of his room and told her to run as another Magical Girl followed him. It seemed to have the ability to reincarnate the Magical Girls that had been defeated. That included the parasite one! Suddenly, the hospital was overrun with Magical Girls and the slaughter was merciless. Yoruka and Ren hid with Miu and hoped for it to pass.

However, another Magical Girl found them and Ren died. Yoruka kissed him as he went, frustrated that she didn’t tell him how she felt because she was scared. Just as the Magical Girl closed in to finish them off, Rintaro appeared and defeated it, taking its wand. He tried to lead them to safety, but a Magical Girl appeared and blew his arm off. The parasite Magical Girl came at him from the other side, but he managed to escape with Yoruka and Miu, although he smashed up his other arm in the process.

Magical Girl Apocalypse Volume 4 Kushiro Ren tells Hanzawa Yoruka to run

The JSDF helicopter landed on the hospital to get the survivors. Kii had passed out from his injuries and needed medical attention. It didn’t appear to be coming so Kaede went to get help. Meanwhile, Ashiya and Natsukawa searched the hospital. They ran into the reincarnation Magical Girl and it could do more than bring back dead Magical Girls. They didn’t last long!

Rintaro had a plan on how to move forward, even without the use of either hand and it involved Tsukune. However, Tsukune or should I say Asuka reacquainted herself with Kaede. What the hell is going on?

Magical Girl Apocalypse Volume 4 Magical Girl

What did you think?

This volume was insane. It fell back into the original format of the first two volumes with the sheer amount of chaos and brutality. I loved it. Even with that all going on, we managed to see what makes Yoruka tick and how she was perfect for Ren. Just her timing sucked. The Reincarnation Magical Girl seemed to do something odd that upset the Parasite Magical Girl, but we didn’t get to see that, so we’ve got that to look forward to.

Then, we had the deaths of Ashiya and Natsukawa. I can’t believe they tagged that memory onto that scene. That was some sad and traumatic stuff. We also found out a little more about Tsukune and what’s going on there, although it wasn’t nearly everything. I liked that it actually did something with Kii running around barefoot. It made sense too as he was asleep with the mangaka when he returned to the present so he wouldn’t have had shoes on.

Magical Girl Apocalypse Volume 4 Hanzawa Yoruka kisses Kushiro Ren

What have you learnt?

While Rintaro is a complete badass, he is also the worst person in the world, fictional or otherwise. He let Ren be killed before intervening so that he could get to Yoruka. And then, he breaks his own arm to save them when he’s already lost an arm. He must have balls the size of a battleship the way he keeps on fighting. He’s still a scumbag, but that’s fine. We’re not supposed to like Rintaro, at least not entirely.

One thing that always bugs me with most monster stories like this is that after a while the big bad monster is replaced by the all too scary human. When this happens the monsters become practically pointless. Well, not here. The monsters (Magical Girls) just seem to be getting stronger and more deadly. The other thing to note with this series is that literally, anything is possible now. As soon as you open the doors to time travel, anything becomes a potential outcome. If you think things are crazy now, you haven’t seen anything yet!

Magical Girl Apocalypse Volume 4 Reincarnation Magical Girl and Ashiya and Natsukawa

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