Masters of the Universe: Revelation (Episode 5) – The Forge at the Forest of Forever

Masters of the Universe Revelation Episode 1 Castle Grayskull

They meet with Adam in Preternia and he gives them the other half of the sword of power. Now, they just need to reforge it and find a way to leave, but will they still want to?

Masters of the Universe: Revelation (Episode 5) – The Forge at the Forest of Forever

What happened?

Teela and Evil-Lyn pay their respects to Orko at a gravestone Prince Adam set up on the edge of the Forest of Forever. He gives them the other half of the sword of power but can’t understand why they need it. Did something happen since he died? He thought he had saved everything when he sacrificed himself. Teela didn’t want to tell him, she just needed to reforge the sword and get back to Eternia.

However, there’s no way to leave Preternia once you’ve got there. It is the resting ground of all the great heroes of Eternia. A place where they are rewarded for their service. Nothing has ever gone back! But Teela needs to get back. The universe will crumble if the balance of magic is not restored.

Adam has an idea, but they will need to talk to Grayskull to see if it’s even possible. Luckily, he knows just where to find him. It’s hunt day after all. Teela joins him on a flying disc and attempts to get to the front of the pack chasing the sabre-toothed cat. She almost does it, but Grayskull appears out of nowhere and wins.

Meanwhile, Roboto and Andra are trying to come up with a plan to reforge the sword of power and even have the legendary He-Ro on hand to help. Eventually, they turn a tower into a forge and leave Roboto to attempt the insane feat. Amazingly, he does it, but at the cost of his own life. Grayskull finds them a way to go home and Adam decides to go with them even if he won’t be able to return.

Masters of the Universe Revelation Episode 5 Teela having fun

What did you think?

I liked this one far less than the previous one and may even have it ranked as my least favourite of the series so far. Once again, everything feels so rushed. They got over Orko incredibly quick and then managed to find a way out of the place that no one has ever gotten out of with remarkable ease. even reforging the sword of power didn’t seem to require much effort. Sure Roboto died, but that didn’t really hold any emotional weight.

I never thought I’d ever say this, but Prince Adam is the most boring and insufferable character. I’m sure he wasn’t this annoying in the original series, but I may be wrong. Even with the surprise ending, I’m more and more inclined to believe this is primarily aimed at children. And don’t get me started on Skeletor’s terrible aim. He snuck up behind Prince Adam and stabbed in through the abdomen when anywhere in the centre of the chest would have been a lethal hit. So, I guess Adam will be back again…

Masters of the Universe Revelation Episode 5 Skeletor returns and kills Adam

What have you learnt?

I get that there are a lot of expectations when it comes to reviving a franchise like this and I was impressed with the guts they showed in the first episode to kill both He-Man and Skeletor. I thought that would open up the road for a new story where the lines were as clear as before. Maybe, we’d get a new champion and a new villain, but now that seems to have been wishful thinking.

This could have been a bridge between the old and new worlds. It could have been an epic quest to the underworld and the heavens, but it has lacked any real intensity. It’s not really a quest if you can find the answer so easily every time you come up against an obstacle. Also, are we to believe that Moss-Man was millions of years old, but was burnt to a crisp by Skeletor in a matter of seconds in the first episode? Come on, do better than that.

Masters of the Universe Revelation Episode 5 Adam and Moss Man

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