Masters of the Universe: Revelation (Episode 7) – Reason and Blood

Masters of the Universe Revelation Episode 1 Castle Grayskull

Adam has called on the power of Grayskull without the sword of power. The results didn’t go quite as planned, leaving He-Man as a mindless brute who seeks just to destroy everything before him.

Masters of the Universe: Revelation (Episode 7) – Reason and Blood

What happened?

He-Man has appeared although he is rage personified. He leaps at Skeletor and sends him flying. Then, he turns his attention to the undead warriors and tears them to pieces. Finally, Skeletor gets back in the fight and even he can’t seem to keep up with this out of control version of He-Man. However, he soon manages to corner Teela and the others along with He-Man and plans on crushing them with a giant magical ball.

Teela takes a breath and then recites the spell the Sorceress cast to teleport them away from Castle Grayskull. It works and they escape from Skeletor once more. He returns to Castle Grayskull and accuses Evil-Lyn of allowing him to use the power, but she has no idea what he’s talking about. He warns her again and then searches the cosmos for an answer.

Meanwhile, Teela and the others landed in the Mystic Mountains where He-Man continues to rage uncontrollably, destroying trees and killing monsters. Teela tries to talk him down but mentions his father and He-Man flies off again. They follow and find a settlement. It’s King Randor and the people that managed to flee before Skeletor arrived.

He-Man charges down and attempts to get to King Randor. However, Randor realises it’s He-Man and apologises to Adam for not noticing just how strong he really was. Amazingly, He-Man calms down and relinquishes the power, leaving Adam and Randor hugging.

Back at Castle Grayskull, Beast-Man approaches Evil-Lyn and basically tells her she should lead them and that they should get rid of Skeletor. She reprimands him and tells him to leave, before returning to the magic mirror so that she can see every time anyone has relinquished the power, willingly or not!

Masters of the Universe Revelation Episode 7 He Man out of control

What did you think?

In the last post, I referred to He-Man as the incredible Hulk version and that was surprisingly appropriate. If anything, it felt a little too much like the Hulk. I’m not sure how those soldiers managed to restrain He-Man when Skeletor couldn’t even slow him down and he has the power! I’m not entirely sure, but I feel like this episode didn’t work for me. There’s a lot of pulling things out of the air that seems incredibly unlikely.

For example, Teela reciting that spell perfectly after hearing it once while trying not to be killed by Skeletor was impressive, and being able to direct where they went was even more so. There seems to be a distinct lack of foreshadowing that could explain many of these things. However, my main criticism stands that things are moving too fast and too easily. The best part was Beast-Man telling Evil-Lyn that she should take over, and that she’s probably already thinking about it.

Masters of the Universe Revelation Episode 7 Evil Lyn searching for answers

What have you learnt?

I’m not sure why or what’s holding it back as I really want to like this series. Every now and then it does something really well and the rest of the time, I’m meh! For example, I love the Hulk but did not care for the Hulk version of He-Man or the way that his father talked him down by telling him he loved him. It all feels too easy.

Evil-Lyn is now my main hope to save the series as she seems to be developing a conscience. Whether she’ll be able to break away from Skeletor, we’ll have to wait and see, but unless she does something, it’s going to come down to Skeletor and He-Man in a brawl. They’re obviously looking to push Teela to become something similar to the Sorceress when I really wanted to see her become the hero.

Maybe, they’ll manage to surprise us with a big twist at the end. It needs something to make it memorable. At the moment, it’s kind of bland.

Masters of the Universe Revelation Episode 7 King Randor stands before He Man

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