Masters of the Universe: Revelation (Episode 9) – Hope, For a Destination

Masters of the Universe Revelation Episode 1 Castle Grayskull

Skeletor comes together with Adam and the others in an attempt to stop Evil-Lyn from destroying the universe. Meanwhile, Teela attempts to call all Eternians to arms. They’re going to need everyone!

Masters of the Universe: Revelation (Episode 9) – Hope, For a Destination

What happened?

Teela is attempting to use the Sorceress’ magic to communicate with all Eternians. It’s the only way to call them to arms and build a force that may stand a chance of defeating Evil-Lyn. The stakes are immeasurably high thanks to Skeletor. He pretty much made sure that Evil-Lyn would destroy the entire universe if she ever attained the power to do so…

Adam has a plan and Skeletor thinks it’s crazy, but goes along with it as they have very few options. They will head to Castle Grayskull and hope to talk to Evil-Lyn. See, it is crazy! However, it was just a diversion so that Teela and Andra could sneak in through the basement and find the pool of Zod that would imbue Teela with all the magical powers of the Sorceress.

Meanwhile, Evil-Lyn has been watching the universe. She saw how it began and what became of the creator. It solidified her stance that everything was pointless and as such, it should all come to an end. That’s when Skeletor and Adam arrived and tried to sweet-talk her. Of course, that was just part of it. Now, they had to keep her occupied while the real attack happened.

They were nothing to Evil-Lyn who killed Panthor and transformed Beast Man into her own version of Battle Cat. Soon, she had completely defeated them and started to put Skeletor to rights. She hated how even when he died, he didn’t really die, but latched onto her and leched off her powers to recreate his body. There was no way to kill him for sure, so she would kill everything.

Teela found the pool and was about to enter when her mother, the Sorceress tried to stop her. She didn’t want this life for Teela. However, if Teela really wanted it she would need to be prepared to die and be reborn to show her commitment. As they talked, King Randor’s army began its attack and found themselves facing the Shadow Beast army of Subternia.

Masters of the Universe Revelation Episode 9 Evil Lyn

What did you think?

There were some great moments, especially between Skeletor and Evil-Lyn. Teela continues to slide in my opinion. I don’t want her to become the Sorceress. No one should be destined to do something based on their parents and if the Sorceress really didn’t want that life for Teela, she shouldn’t have made the magical connection at all.

Regardless, I am loving Evil-Lyn in this new form and how her thoughts and views have been warped by the power she’s attained and what that’s shown her. She is a far more formidable opponent than Skeletor. Skeletor is great for laughs and all that, but he’s not nearly as hot as Evil-Lyn… sorry, I meant terrifying… terrifying and hot… I stand by that statement.

Masters of the Universe Revelation Episode 9 Evil Lyn fighting Adam

What have you learnt?

So, we only saw it briefly in this episode with Teela showing disdain for magic and preferring technology. I honestly thought that was going to be a much more important aspect of this series, especially with how it started and Tri-Klops and his cult. I think that would have made a far more interesting story than Evil-Lyn becoming a hot vengeful god… sorry, did I say hot again…

There have been some great moments in this series and I don’t regret watching it, but I really was expecting something bigger and more developed, especially with all the great writers involved. Anyhow, there’s just one episode left so I’m going to sit back and soak up all the Evil-Lyn I can. Did I mention that I think she’s incredible? That’s been the true revelation!

Masters of the Universe Revelation Episode 9 Evil Lyn watched the destruction of the creator

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