Mermaid Saga (Volume 2) – Mermaid’s Mask

Mermaid Saga Volume 2 Cover

Yuta and Mana continue to travel the world searching for others like them. Of course, not everyone has handled the transition to immortality as well as they have. Sometimes, just surviving is too much to bear!

Mermaid Saga (Volume 2) – Mermaid’s Mask

What happened?

Mana has adjusted to life with Yuta incredibly well. They move from place to place, working where they can while searching for people like them. Someone somewhere must have an answer to their predicament. As they investigate strange occurrences and tales of people coming back to life, they stumble upon a peculiar tale of a boy and his mother. Rumour suggest that the mother died and then came back to life. Could the child be in danger?

The mother can indeed heal her injuries, but she’s not the one to worry about. It turns out the child has been alive for eight hundred years and has spent his life feeding women mermaid flesh in the hopes that one will become immortal like him. So far, it hasn’t worked. But maybe Mana would be willing to stay with him, especially in Yuta died… permanently.

When the child is unable to kill Yuta, he takes a car and drives away. However, he collides with a truck and is pronounced dead, but will he stay that way? Yuta and Mana continue their travels and soon find more spooky stories. One even takes him to a place he once worked, many, many years ago.

Mermaid Saga Volume 2 Mana and Yuta find a Lost Soul

What did you think?

This volume took all of the foundations set in the first one and ran with them. There were hardly any mermaids in this one and a strange abundance of mermaid flesh, however, this volume was far more concerned with the price of immortality. Does it cost one their humanity? Of course, we’ve seen with Yuta and Mana that it is possible to remain human, but they seem to be the exceptions. I loved the idea of an immortal child seeking someone to watch over them. It reminded me of a vampire story where the vampire was a child and needed an adult to be able to exist in normal life.

Then things got even darker as a woman that had eaten mermaid flesh would cut off her face and replace it with someone else’s skinned face. Because she can heal, her body would simply reattach it, but eventually, her scar would reappear and she would have to find another face. That was crazy, but it was brilliantly foreshadowed in a flashback story where Yuta met a girl that had been reborn from bones using the liver of a mermaid. Then, there was the guy that took the preserved eyeball of his sister. Both had eaten mermaid flesh, but only he lived on. She died but remained permanently preserved. Unfortunately, this is the last book in the series and it ended without a conclusion. Yuta and Mana are left wandering the world in search of a cure. Great story though. I would definitely read more like this.

Mermaid Saga Volume 2 Mana stops Nanao from eating mermaid flesh

Volume highlights

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    • There was an anime and a TV remake!!! I’ll have to track those down. It’s a fascinating story.

    • That’s right! There were a couple of OVAs and a TV series anime remake. I haven’t seen the old OVAs though. That could be something to check out and potentially review.

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