Momo Kyun Sword (Episode 12) – Peach Fantasy! Momo Kyun Sword

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When Jakiou was defeated, Youki saw his chance to steal power and took the peach. However, that meant that Demon Island could no longer float, and what goes up must come down… hard!

Momo Kyun Sword (Episode 12) – Peach Fantasy! Momo Kyun Sword

What happened?

Momoko made it into the reactor room just in time to see the peach’s power consume Youki. Once it had done so, it broke into thousands of pieces and scattered itself across Japan once more. Surprisingly, Kaguya survived, but they were all in a new danger as Demon Island began to drop back down to Earth. Sumeragi Tennyo tried to stop it but she could only hold it for a short period of time. They had to evacuate now! However, Onihime arrived in the reactor room with her father’s sword and challenged Momoko to fight.

Even though Demon Island was falling to the ground, she refused to let Momoko walk away. Sarugami, Inugami, and Kijigami understood that Momoko had to fight her because they were sisters. Only Momoko could help Onihime come to terms with the news that rocked her life. They fought as the others escaped. Only Sarugami, Inugami, Kijigami, Enki, and Ringo stayed behind to ensure they all escaped with their lives. Eventually, Momoko won, but she promised that Onihime could challenge her again. Any time, any place. Of course, she didn’t expect Onihime to challenge her every single day…

Momo Kyun Sword Episode 12 Onihime finds her father

What did you think?

While this episode lacked the excitement of the fight between Momoko and Jakiou, it was still an entertaining episode and did a great job of tying up all the loose ends. It was a nice way to bring Momoko and Onihime together that didn’t fall into the everyone hug and be instant friends. It was a natural conclusion to the way their relationship has developed through the season. I would have liked to have seen much more of Kaguya in the season though. I feel like she was criminally underused.

It still surprises me how often a series will use the entire last episode as the wind-down or denouement. I think it’s more common in Western media to end things with a very short denouement if they have one at all. It’s probably much more common in Western books, but even that seems to be occurring less often. I’m not sure how I feel about it because, on one hand, I love an ending that leaves you feeling like you’ve just been punched in the gut. That said, there was nothing wrong with this ending. It finished things off quite nicely.

Momo Kyun Sword Episode 12 Kaguya in the bath

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