Momo Kyun Sword (Episode 9) – A Huge Plot Twist!? Momo’s Secret!

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Onihime tracks down Momoko and asks her about the charm she keeps on her dagger, but when she sees it, she runs off without saying anything. Soon after she returns with a charm of her own and it raises a lot of questions!

Momo Kyun Sword (Episode 9) – A Huge Plot Twist!? Momo’s Secret!

What happened?

Of course, this is all going on while the Oni and the Celestial Maiden Squad are searching for the 3000 Peach core which has just shown up. Whoever gets that piece will have the power to use the peach. However, Onihime shows Momoko her charm which is a matching ring to the one Momoko has. Sarugami, Inugami, and Kijigami decide that it’s time to come clean about everything. They used to work with a Celestial Maiden who had a relationship with a demon. She got pregnant and ran, knowing that her children wouldn’t be welcome in Heaven.

She died while fleeing, her children floating down the river in two giant peaches. She made Sarugami, Inugami, and Kijigami promise to watch over her children, but they lost one of the peaches in the river never to be seen again. The other was Momoko. So, that meant that Onihime was Momoko’s twin sister! Before Onihime or Momoko could process the information, Onihime ran off upset to learn that Jakiou wasn’t her real father. The Celestial Maiden Squad arrived soon after to take Momoko to collect the peach core, but the Oni had already got there.

Momo Kyun Sword Episode 9 Onihime and Momoko twins

What did you think?

So it’s been confirmed, Momoko and Onihime are twins. It’s not the biggest surprise, although what happens next will be the real twist. My big issue here is that Sarugami, Inugami, and Kijigami knew everything and deliberately held it back from Momoko. I’m not sure what they hoped to achieve by keeping her in the dark, but I feel like this is something that probably should have told her sooner. I hate the trope where there’s a wise person who knows everything but is incredibly selective about what they reveal and when.

There was another twist in this episode which was when Abe no Seimei’s scientist, Kaguya switched to the Oni side. It was a surprise to learn that she was from the moon and just wanted to get home. I feel like there’s much more to this part of the story than we’re ever going to learn. That makes those middle episodes that much more annoying as they didn’t really progress anything, just created obstacles for Momoko to overcome. This seems to happen a lot and I think it comes down to the creators not believing they have enough story. Clearly, they do, they just need to focus on the right parts.

Momo Kyun Sword Episode 9 Kaguya

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