Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory (Episode 3) – Koushi, at a Loss / Koushi Goes Back to School

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Mother of Goddess Dormitory Series Title

Koushi has been living at the Goddess’ Dormitory for two weeks now and is starting to miss school. Luckily, the girls try to take his mind off it by having a best big sister contest! Also, they got him back into school.

Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory (Episode 3) – Koushi, At A Loss / Koushi Goes Back To School

Koushi, At A Loss

Koushi was just trying to do the laundry when Mineru walked in with some more clothes for him to wash – her bra… She also said she needed her panties washing and went to remove them, but she was just messing with him. After hanging the clothes up to dry, Koushi thought about whether he would be able to return to school or not. He hoped he would.

After breakfast, the girls decided that they would have a contest to see who was the best big sister. They would each get a turn and if they did anything inappropriate, they would be disqualified. Frey dressed him up like a girl and then lied to him – disqualified. Mineru wanted to use him as a test subject – disqualified. Serene fell asleep in his lap – pet status attained. Kiriya wrestled with him and almost killed him – excessive use of force. Atena tried to pick up the pieces but her boobs fell out… Anyhow, Mineru and Frey managed to get Koushi back into school, which made him realise that they were all like his big sisters.

Mother of Goddess Dormitory Episode 3 Frey starts the big sister competition

Koushi Goes Back To School

Koushi returns to his school and is greeted by a flying kick from his childhood friend, Sutea. She wanted to know where he had been… not that she cared. She stormed off, leaving him to run after her to class, trying to explain himself. However, he had to wait until the end of the day before he got a chance to fully explain himself and even then he left out the part about the Goddess’ Dormitory.

However, Koushi accidentally let it slip after revealing that Mineru helped him find a lot of cold packs that would help with Sutea’s condition. She was determined to see this Goddess’ Dormitory for herself and was concerned about Koushi’s intentions. On the way there, Koushi worried about how it would look, but he tried to reassure himself he had done nothing wrong. Then, when they arrived, Mineru had an experiment go wrong and she ran out in her lab coat, followed by Frey in a bunny costume. Good luck explaining this one, Koushi!

Mother of Goddess Dormitory Episode 3 Koushi back at school

What did you think?

I’m still thoroughly enjoying this series. I’m sure there will be lots of concern about Koushi’s age, however, he seems to be acting exactly the same as an older harem protagonist. If they had said he was sixteen, would anyone have even noticed. It wouldn’t have been the first time a character didn’t look their age in an anime! Anyhow, I really enjoy the way the girls are trying to prove that they are the best big sister and ultimately looking out for him, which they have been doing since the first episode.

The introduction of Sutea will no doubt complicate things for Koushi, but it’s going to fun watching him try to explain the dormitory and the girls that live there. I can’t wait to see how that goes. I’d imagine Serene will arrive and make matters worse and then Atena will show up… Koushi is going to have to work his hardest to survive this.

Episode highlights


Big Sisters!

Back to School!

The Girls!

Sutea visits the Dormitory!

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