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The new season of My Hero Academia begins with a recap episode, but it’s back, so who cares. A reporter goes to investigate Class 1-A to see if any could be All Might’s replacement and he’s pretty good at finding things!

What did you watch?

This season I have decided to cut back on the seasonal shows I cover. I will be continuing Dr. Stone and Fire Force, but other than that there was just one series that I was hyped about above all else. That’s right it was the return of My Hero Academia for season 4. It feels a little odd that I will be starting my episode reviews at episode 64, but one day I may go back and do the rest. Until then, I have season reviews to hold the spot. I love this series, so there may be a lot of overly positive reviews, but it’s not hard to be positive about My Hero Academia. All right, let’s do it! Spoilers will follow.

My Hero Academia 4 Izuku Midoriya going back to the Dorms

What happened?

The public is still in shock from the retirement of All Might and it’s struggling to deal with the loss of the symbol of peace. This has meant that every newspaper and magazine publication has done the All Might story to death. Luckily for one publication, freelance journalist Taneo Tokuda has come to them with a lead. He believes that All Might’s successor is one of the students in Class 1-A. He started teaching there at the time they began and spends a lot of his time there. He would have investigated it alone, but he can’t get access to the school as a freelance journalist.

The Editor like his pitch and pulls some strings. Taneo has a day to take photos and interview the students under the pretence of life in the dorms of UA. Izawa is happy… scratched that… willing to help as it may alieve some of the concerns of the parents of the students. Meanwhile, Taneo believes he’s narrowed it down to six students and even then, he’s already started to rule them out one by one, until there is just one student remaining.

My Hero Academia 4 Taneo Tokuda wants to Investigate Class 1-A

What did you think?

When I read the summary for the episode, my first thoughts were “oh, great a recap episode to start the season!” Sure, there will be those out there that have forgotten about the class and their quirks, but not this guy and his bizarre photographic memory. Even so, I loved it. I’m not whether I was just so happy to be back in this world with these characters and knowing the arc that awaits them. Yes, I have most of the manga and I am excited. Very little actually happened in the episode, but I still came away pumped for the new season and ready to yell “Plus Ultra” at the drop of a hat!

My Hero Academia 4 All Might Rescuing Tokuda's Father

What was your favourite moment?

I really enjoyed the scene between Midoriya and Taneo where he approached him to confirm his suspicions. The way he ruled out the various students until only Deku was left made sense and even though some of it may have been hard for anyone other than a viewer of the show to know, I went along with it. Then, when he told Deku about how All Might had saved his father and how he was just as concerned about the future without All Might as the average person on the street, I believed him. There was something very sincere in that moment that made me want to trust him and I was glad that when he returned to the magazine that he did keep it to himself.

My Hero Academia 4 Izuku Midoriya and Taneo Tokuda

What was your least favourite moment?

I am a little concerned about how easily Taneo put it together and how quickly Deku caved to his non-existent pressure. If Taneo can work it out, then there’s going to be villains that will work it out too. That aside, I still enjoyed the quick recap of the students and their quirks. It’s great to see them all again.

My Hero Academia 4 Taneo Tokuda and Shota Aizawa

Who was your favourite character?

All Might is massively over the top, but when he’s in his normal form there’s something endearing about him. He comes across like a dotting grandparent, delivering a bag of meat buns to the students and checking up on Deku to give him pep talks. I also think it’s hilarious that he eats his meat bun with his pinky finger out like Royalty drinking tea!

My Hero Academia 4 All Might Eating a Meat Bun

Who was your least favourite character?

Not so much Taneo, but his quirk is more than a little freaky. The guy can create a camera lens anywhere on his body. Anywhere! Otherwise, I liked Taneo and knowing that he’s not from the manga and that this is a complete filler recap episode makes it kind of a shame because I would be fine with him reappearing. That said, they will probably do that for the recap episodes going forward. He’s obviously going to be keeping an eye on Class 1-A.

My Hero Academia 4 Taneo Tokuda Quirk

Would you like some more?

If you knew what was coming, you wouldn’t even bother to ask that question. I am absolutely pumped for this season and cannot wait to see it play out. It is a shame that I won’t really be able to play my usual prediction game, but after finishing season three, I had to go and read the manga. I love the world that Kōhei Horikoshi has created and the endless possibilities for quirks. PLUS ULTRA!

My Hero Academia 4 Izuku Midoriya and All Might

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  1. As a manga reader also, I’m dying to see the fandom’s reaction to this hella good season. I personally think this is one of the best seasons of MHA yet.

    • I agree 100% Some of the new characters that get introduced are some of my favourites and getting to more of the existing characters is always good. It’s hard commenting on thing going forward without potentially spoiling it for others…

    • Haha, I agree. I was going to do an episodic review on this but decided that’d be too painful having to make sure to avoid spoilers with every episode haha. I can’t contain my inner fangirl.

    • It’s going to be tough, but I figured it’ll be harder not talking about it at all.

    • And I would have got away with it too, if it weren’t for those pesky kids and their counting skills…

      I never actually reviewed the first sixty-three episodes, but if you ask really nicely, I might think about it…

    • Hahaha, you got me.

      If only you had those prior 63 episodes, you could have posted one per minute and caught up in just over an hour!

    • I’m not sure the world is ready for 1 minute posts… one day, maybe, but not today!

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