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Midoriya starts his internship with Sir Nighteye’s agency by going on patrol with Lemillion. It should just be a routine walk around the streets, but then they hadn’t planned on bumping into Overhaul!

What did you watch?

It’s been a couple of weeks since we last got to see a new episode of My Hero Academia, but don’t worry, episode 67 is determined to make up for that. After leaving us with the tease of Midoriya and Mirio bumping into Overhaul, you had better hope that true. I’ve got quite a bit to say about this one so, I’m just going to dive in. There will be spoilers, but as usual, I’ll try to keep future things to myself.

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 67 Deku Questioning Overhaul

What happened?

Mirio took Midoriya on his first patrol as a member of Nighteye’s agency. They were walking a new area as Nighteye had taken a particular interest in Overhaul and his operations. They had been briefed and told to stay avoid contact with the target or doing anything to arouse their suspicions. Well, bad luck Nighteye because Eri just ran out of an alleyway and bumped into Midoriya. Overhaul stepped out of the shadows seconds later. He apologised to the heroes for his daughter being so clumsy and tried to get her to go back with him.

She clung to Midoriya, begging him for help. He began to question Overhaul, well aware of who he was. Mirio did his best to smooth over the situation and get Midoriya to continue on their patrol, but Midoriya read the situation differently and refused to let up. Overhaul asked to speak with them in private and led them into an alleyway. Then, just as he reached for his glove, Eri jumped off Midoriya and ran back to him, leaving Midoriya and Mirio to report back to Nighteye.

Midoriya was frustrated with the situation with Nighteye and couldn’t help be feel like All Might let him walk into a snakepit. Back at school, he tracked All Might down and made him tell him what the deal is. All Might revealed that Nighteye had claimed to have seen his death and his predictions were never wrong. He wanted All Might to step down, but All Might couldn’t do that and they haven’t spoken since. The prediction was likely to happen in the next year or two, but Midoriya was determined not to let that happen.

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 67 All Might

What did you think?

This was an excellent episode. I loved the tension in the first part with Midoriya and Overhaul. That was just incredible to watch. I have noticed from reading a number of other reviews that I think a lot of people may have misconstrued the events that took place. Of course, I will get into that very soon and I’ll lay out the way I saw things and what I’m reading into this episode.

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 67 Midoriya Searching for All Might

What was your favourite moment?

All right, we didn’t have to wait long for this then. My favourite moment was Midoriya standing up to Overhaul. I’ve seen comments that seem to paint Mirio as the more professional and composed hero in this situation, but I think Midoriya was completely right in his actions. Mirio wanted him to let Eri go so that they could continue on their patrol and not arouse suspicions in Overhaul, but Midoriya realised that no hero would walk away from a little girl that was shaking, covered in bandages, and asking for help. Walking away would have been far more suspicious.

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 67 Deku holding Eri

What was your least favourite moment?

Nighteye dressing down Midoriya was ridiculous and this guy just seems to flip flop from being interesting to being annoying. He’s continuing to let his personal feelings about All Might and Midoriya influence his thinking and it’s not ideal. In the last episode, I thought he was excellent and the one before he was odd, well in this one he was back to being odd.

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 67 Bubble Girl

Who was your favourite character?

It has to be Midoriya. I loved the way he analysed the situation and continued to make the best call to not arouse suspicions and he was even prepared to fight Overhaul to do that. He didn’t spot Overhaul preparing to fight, but that was probably his only flaw. The conversation between All Might and Midoriya was excellent, especially when he revealed that Nighteye had predicted his death and it could come true soon. He had been working on things to change the path, but Nighteye has never been wrong before. It definitely harked back to the first season where All Might told Midoriya he too could be a hero.

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 67 Midoriya Determined to Save All Might

Who was your least favourite character?

So, technically not my least favourite character, but I feel like I need to talk about Mirio or Lemillion. Nighteye believes that he is the perfect candidate to inherit All for One, but I would disagree. His hero name shows the shortcomings of this, to begin with. He’s called himself Lemillion because he hopes to save one million people because you can’t save them all. Maybe not, but that’s not a statement All Might would make. Midoriya wouldn’t make that either, he would want to save everyone, no matter what. Then we had Mirio trying to get Midoriya to give up on Eri, but that too was a mistake. As Midoriya pointed out, no hero would abandon someone in trouble. It would have given them away even more.

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 67 Midoriya and Mirio

Would you like some more?

Without a doubt. Things are going to continue to get faster and darker from here on and the next episode will focus on Kirishima and his internship with Fatgum. Fatgum is awesome and I can’t wait for this. So, rather than sit and stare at a wall waiting for the next episode, why not focus on the number teacher at UA – Midnight! You’re welcome…

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 67 Midnight

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  1. “Walking away would have been far more suspicious.”


    “Maybe not, but that’s not a statement All Might would make. Midoriya wouldn’t make that either, he would want to save everyone, no matter what. ”

    And that’s the axis on which this episode — and maybe even the whole series — spun. Tactically speaking, Mirio was right. Allowing Overhaul to go wild in public would end in slaughtered bystanders.

    But letting a terrified little girl, clutching your arm and begging for help, go back to her abuser?

    If you have to do that, what’s the point of being a hero?

    The two points are almost impossible to reconcile. But All Might could do it. I’m beginning to think that’s what makes a real hero. Not making the right tactical decision, which _is_ important. But making the right strategic decision and forcing the tactical situation to conform.

    I have no idea how to do that, but that’s why I’m not a hero.

    • Yeah, and that’s why I think Midoriya was the right choice. He has the built in desire to be the hero and save everyone. The tactical side of it can be taught and when you consider that he’s not had a quirk for very long too, especially when compared to the others who have had their for most of their lives.

      The dynamic between professional hero and actual hero is one of the more interesting aspects in the series for sure.

  2. Midoriya was awesome in that episode ! I get where Mirio was coming from, but Deku’s thoughts and actions in that moment were gold.
    There was no fight, but the scene was so intense. Midoriya didn’t falter under that pressure though, and kept his thoughts relevant and organized, which was very impressive. This was one my favorite moments of the season so far

    • Agreed, I think that scene showed why All Might was right to choose Midoriya as his successor. It would have been way too suspicious to just walk away as Mirio wanted them to do.

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