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Mirio Togata has finally caught up with Overhaul, but the last of the Eight Bullets stand between him and Eri. That’s not going to stop Lemillion though. Nothing is going to make him let her go this time!

What happened?

Mirio can see Overhaul and Eri, but to get to them, he’ll have to get past Deidoro and Shin. They’re an odd couple, but their quirks appear to complement one another. Deidoro’s ability makes Mirio feel queasy and unsteady while Shin tries to cripple his mind by forcing him to answer questions he doesn’t want to hear the answers to. Mirio takes a moment and then launches his counterattack, taking them both out in a matter of seconds. Then, before Overhaul can react, Mirio is behind them and takes Eri away from them. Overhaul is enraged by the encounter and unleashes his quirk on Mirio, changing the surroundings and causing spikes to erupt from the ground. Mirio appeared to have the upper hand until Shin manages to shot him with one of the quirk-cancelling bullets, leaving Mirio to try to fight Overhaul with no powers!

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 74 Mirio attacks Overhaul

What was your favourite element?

I loved seeing Lemillion going all out and using his quirk. His precision is incredible, being able to pass his foot through Eri and then booting Chronostasis in the face. Even Overhaul couldn’t touch him and had it not been for the bullet, there’s no way Overhaul would have won. But then, that’s what made this scene so incredible. Lemillion saved Eri from a bullet unaware that it was a quirk-cancelling one. Even then, he continued to fight, knowing that a single touch from Overhaul would mean the end of him. It’s not hard to see why Night Eye viewed him as the successor to All Might. Then, after the credits, we see Deku and Eraser Head burst through the wall. Great timing. I can’t wait for the next episode.

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 74 Mirio hits Overhaul

What have you learnt?

Has Lemillion been a sacrificial pawn all this time? I guess we’ll have to wait to find out, but it is one incredible twist to basically take him out like this, especially after we’ve spent quite a bit of time with him since the end of last season. This reminds me of the rule of threes where someone will face three obstacles/foes. They usually fail in the first two attempts and then win with the third. Well, this is almost the reverse. We’ve seen Suneater and Fat Gum win and then Mirio lose. I like the idea of playing with expectations. It does a lot to keep things feeling fresh. You don’t have to completely throw away the tropes, just flip them and run them a little differently.

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 74 Quirkless Mirio Protecting Eri

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