My Hero Academia (Episode 75) – Unforeseen Hope

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Mirio has given it everything he’s got, but Overhaul has had an answer to everything, even Mirio’s quirk. Just as it was looking dire, Deku burst through the wall with Eraser Head and Nighteye.

What happened?

Eraser Head instantly cancels Overhauls quirk, allowing Midoriya to hit him hard. It knocks him back and given how much damage he took fighting Mirio, the end is close. Overhaul, however, has planned for this eventuality. Prior to the intrusion, he fixed Chronostasis and left him lying on the ground, ready for just this moment. Chronostasis uses his quirk on Eraser Head, making him sleepy and unable to keep his eyes open. As soon as they shut, Overhaul was back in the game. He then grabs Shin and breaks down his body, merging it with his own and making him stronger. Nighteye tries to buy Mirio time to flee with Eri, but he’s no match for Overhaul. With the last of his strength, he uses his foresight to see if the young heroes will make it…

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 75 Midoriya Arrives

What was your favourite element?

Admittedly, seeing Midoriya burst through the wall at the perfect moment was definitely one of those ‘jump out of your seat’ moments, although we did see that at the end of the last episode too. For this episode, I am loving how brilliant Overhaul is. It’s one thing to be strong and fast, but Overhaul is devious and always thinking ahead. Taking the time to fix Chronostasis was a genius move and shows just how calm he is, even when Mirio was beating him around. He is also absolutely evil and it’s his vision or the end. It was also tragic seeing Nighteye met his end like that and it got even worse when his foresight couldn’t offer him any hope.

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 75 Midoriya Kicking Ass

What have you learnt?

The first thing I’ve learnt is that I should have waited and binge-watched the whole season as I did with the three prior. Shounen is a strange beast in that things can and do take far longer than they probably should. The only saving grace at the moment is that we haven’t had too many flashbacks. There’s been more than enough, but they haven’t taken over entire episodes yet, although Suneater came close. So, as much as I like shounen the format really isn’t something that would want to replicate at this scale with my books. I think the arcs and overall stories are ideal for that, but the pacing really wouldn’t work. This is why I enjoyed them so much when binge them.

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 75 Heroes and Villains Crash in from Above

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