My Hero Academia (Episode 86) – Let It Flow! School Festival!

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The fight is over as Gentle accepts his fate, but can Midoriya make it back to the festival in time for the concert or will his fight with Gentle Criminal bring everything crashing to a halt?

What happened?

Hound Dog finds Gentle Criminal and La Brava but can smell one of UAs students too. Gentle tries to take the blame for everything and claims that he brainwashed La Brava. Midoriya hurries to get back to the concert and makes it just in time. Luckily, the festival hasn’t been cancelled and Class 1A gets to perform for the rest of the school. Unsurprisingly, it’s a massive success and everyone takes the chance to thank them. Even Eri manages to have a good time and appears to free herself from Overhaul’s influence.

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 86 Jiro

What was your favourite element?

I’m still feeling a little tainted from the whole Gentle Criminal thing. The way that he’s been dealt with, you’d think he was a seriously evil villain, but the guy is just a nuisance and was failed by the system. It was interesting to see Midoriya play down their fight in some way and, hopefully, that will change his approach to being a hero. It definitely raises questions about the hero society and how it is setup. I’d like to think that we’d start to look into that with a more serious arc in the future. As for the concert… I didn’t really care and wasn’t particularly wowed. The best moment was Mirio’s reaction to seeing Eri smile. That guy’s been through a lot and deserved a win more than anyone.

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 86 Mirio seeing Eri

What have you learnt?

This has been my least favourite arc in the whole of My Hero Academia. It really has felt like half a season of filler and following on from the pacing issues in the Overhaul, it’s really made an impact on my enjoyment of the series. I feel like Horikoshi had planned out the initial story up to the end of season three and then when it took off he came up with this part. It doesn’t have the same energy as the earlier seasons and while it hasn’t been awful, it’s not been great either which is a real departure from the standards set before this season.

My Hero Academia 4 Episode 86 Nejire

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  1. Agreed… This whole cour has been badly paced and feels ‘off’ from the five preceding it. It’s managed to maintain a consistent theme, so props for that, but a lot of the energy and ‘innocence’ is gone.

    • Absolutely. I was pumped for the new season and feel like Kota just punched me in the balls. I’m definitely leaning towards binge watching the next season.

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