My Life as Inukai-san’s Dog (Episode 11) – Doggy Foot Bath

My Life as Inukai sans Dog Title 2

The bunny cafe is clearly winning so Karen suggests they offer something new! She says Pochita’s tongue is rough and feels amazing on her feet. Maybe the customer would be willing to pay for that!

My Life as Inukai-san’s Dog (Episode 11) – Doggy Foot Bath

What happened?

The bunny cafe has real bunnies for those that want to pet them and Bunny-girls for those that want to look at them. They have every angle covered and it’s killing the dog cafe’s business. That forced Karen to speak up, especially as it’s Pochita that is on the line. She says that they could charge people to have their feet licked by the dogs. Luckily, Usagi shows up to gloat so it’s the perfect chance for Karen to show how effective it might be. She forces Usagi into a seat and watches as Pochita likes her feet like crazy. Before long, Usagi is moaning and writhing in ecstasy. Then, she falls off her chair.

People are quick to jump on the new fad and quickly show up to have their feet licked by the dogs. To Pochita’s surprise, the girl in the lab coat shows up and sits at Karen’s table. She then starts asking her how she would feel if she learnt that her dog was really a human. Well, Pochita wasn’t going to let her mock Karen like that so he starts licking like a fiend possessed. The girl in the lab coat barely acknowledges his efforts and then leaves. Mad that she would antagonise Karen, he runs after her. He follows her to an abandoned building where she was waiting for him!

My Life as Inukai sans Dog Episode 11 Karen Inukai wants Usagi Tsukishiro to experience the new dog cafe

What did you think?

All right! It looks like we will finally get some answers in the next episode as Pochita confronts the girl in the lab coat in the abandoned school building. I’m actually really excited to find out what happens next, which is good because this was a very weird episode, even by this show’s standards. Clearly, someone has a foot fetish. There have been a lot of shots of feet and some licking, but now it’s all come together in a bizarre series of events that appeared to make Usagi orgasm at school in a dog cafe… I wish I was making this up!

Apart from the logistics of making dogs lick feet on demand, how can the teacher seriously sit there and allow something like this to happen? Not to mention the bunny-girl cafe. I’ve also noticed the extreme lack of boys at this school. There have been three sightings in all which seems kind of odd. They could have stuck a head in the background somewhere to make it feel more like a real school. This has been a very strange series which I have enjoyed from time to time and found myself shaking my head the rest of the time. Hopefully, we’ll get a big finish. Please end it on a high!

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