My Life as Inukai-san’s Dog (Episode 12) – First Kiss

My Life as Inukai sans Dog Title 2

Pochita followed Inaru Sakihira to the abandoned building and discovered she was waiting for him. She’d been watching his life as a dog with interest and even gave him a device so he could talk to her.

My Life as Inukai-san’s Dog (Episode 12) – First Kiss

What happened?

Inaru showed Pochita all the antics that he’d gotten up to as a dog including bathing with Karen, licking Mike, and generally climbing inside girls’ clothing. He swore that it wasn’t how it looked, but she pointed out that his body language didn’t lie. His tail was wagging. A dog cannot hide their emotions. This is who he is and he needs to accept it. Now, to tell him how to turn back into a human. The process is fairly simple. He just needs to kiss the one he loves… or more specifically ingest unoxidized body fluids containing another person’s DNA. Basically, he needs to use his tongue and go deep!

Pochita refuses to do that to Karen and refuses to play Inaru’s game any longer. He bites through the device that allowed him to communicate with her and ran off. Karen found him moments later and took him back to the class. However, before doing so, she gave him a little kiss. Of course, Pochita didn’t return it as he is going to stay a dog for now. Back at Karen’s house, Karen has decided she will treat Pochita like her baby instead of her dog and removes her bra to feed him… Usagi arrived at that exact moment to thank them for looking after her and decides she can’t let Karen have all the fun, so off comes her top too. Mike grabs Pochita and tries to talk some sense into them. Good luck with that one!

My Life as Inukai sans Dog Episode 12 Inuri Sakihira has been watching Pochita

What did you think?

So, this felt like a massive disappointment. Sure, we found out how Pochita can return to normal, but he insists on staying a dog to protect Karen which is the ending I definitely did not want to see come true. The funny thing is it doesn’t have to be Karen’s DNA. He could just as easily get it from anyone else… well, maybe not as easily, but he doesn’t seem to have a lack of possible targets. That just means that Inari was right all along that he’s enjoying himself. At least, he can turn back whenever he decides that he’s had enough.

The ending was also a bit out there with Karen and Usagi fighting over who could breastfeed Pochita while Mike told him not to do it. I mean, it kind of fits in with the general ridiculousness of the show, but it’s definitely not the angle I would have gone with. In fact, I think this could have been a perfectly acceptable ecchi comedy with Pochita just watching them and getting into awkward positions rather than actively being involved in their nonsense. It would have allowed for the low angles and dogs generally get into all sorts of things. They are definitely the masters of the awkward stare. This could have been much better.

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