My Life as Inukai-san’s Dog (OVA 2) – School Festival Date

My Life as Inukai sans Dog Title 2

Karen is excited to spend a little more time with Pochita at the school festival, however, they run into Usagi who also wants to spend some time with him. So, they go to the haunted house together…

My Life as Inukai-san’s Dog (OVA 2) – School Festival Date

What happened?

One of the classes has turned their room into a haunted house and it seems like the perfect way for Karen to ditch Usagi. However, Usagi comes in but is soon paralyzed with fear. When Karen threatens to leave her, she jumps up and runs after them. Unfortunately, her bunny-girl costume slipped down, revealing her boobs. Only Pochita noticed as he had better night vision. He attempts to pull her top back up before anyone else sees her but ends up arousing her with his tail. Amazingly, he does manage to do it, but it was too much for Usagi who quickly flees the haunted house.

Pochita turned back to Karen to see how she was, but she had been tied up in the leash and it had been rubbing between her legs as Pochita tried to help Usagi. Well, that left Karen standing in a puddle… Just then, some girls from the class come in to find the missing person. Not wanting them to see Karen in a puddle of her own making, Pochita grabs a bottle of barley tea and throws it at her, sparing her any embarrassment. They head outside and have a relaxing bottle of barley tea.

My Life as Inukai sans Dog Episode 14 Karen Inukai enjoying seeing Usagi Tsukishiro scared

What did you think?

I felt like the joke had run its course during the last episode and was hoping that they would use this one to resolve matters and turn Pochita back into a human. There were chances for that to happen, but no, they would rather end things without a resolution. I know, I’m probably expecting too much from a series about a guy who turns into a dog and is then taken in by his high school crush who is a little too much of a dog lover, but damn it, this story needed to have an ending that involved Pochita becoming human again.

I probably should have just stopped after the season finale as the OVAs haven’t really added anything to the story or upped the ante with the ecchi content which is normally what you would expect from an OVA. Overall, it wasn’t a bad series, but it also wasn’t that good. There were some moments that were great, but not nearly enough of them to make the lack of a climax tolerable.

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