My Wife is the Student Council President! (Season Two)

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Hayato and Ui have been living together for a while now and it’s getting harder and harder… to keep it a secret. Rin’s sister living next door doesn’t help, but neither does the extra interest Hayato is receiving.

My Wife is the Student Council President! (Season Two)

What did you watch?

I really enjoyed season one of My Wife is the Student Council President! and naturally decided that I would dive straight into season two. I’m still amazed at the amount of character development they squeezed in considering these are eight-minute episodes. There was also the matter of whether you were supporting Ui or Rin. I know I’m in the minority for choosing Rin, but I stand by that decision and was looking forward to seeing how that dynamic developed. Get ready for more outrageous ecchi antics!

My Wife is the Student Council President Episode 21 Ui watching Saijou and Hayato almost kiss

What happened?

Hayato continued his daily tasks of entertaining Ui, hiding their living arrangements from Rin, the student disciplinary head, and trying to lead a normal student life as the vice president. None of those tasks was easy. Ui continued to push herself into Hayato’s life and she was doing an impressive job. Regardless, she had needs and he needed her to stay calm. Keeping the whole thing from Rin was getting harder and harder, especially as Kei, her elder sister and the school nurse lived next door and already knew. However, she was satisfied to use that knowledge for her benefit.

Things started to unravel in his school life too as an underground website appeared and was selling lewd pictures of the other students and teachers, especially the school nurse… There were times when the student council and disciplinary committee worked together to take down a common enemy, but more often than not, they found themselves going head to head, with Hayato somehow sandwiched in the middle.

My Wife is the Student Council President Episode 13 Ui welcomes Hayato home in knee high socks

What did you think?

So, the first season definitely had the stronger story, but this season probably put more effort into the ecchi side of things. Not that the first season was lacking in that department. There was less of a thought-out story and more of an episodic feel to things. Some themes reappeared from time to time and pulled the main story forward, but it wasn’t as cohesive as the first season. Also, there were several episodes towards the end that seemed to hint at a huge finish, but it never came… Huh! Maybe that was the point. Poor Hayato was constantly getting blocked by this, that, and everything.

My Wife is the Student Council President Episode 16 Rin and Hayato watching the couple

What was your favourite moment?

Most of my favourite moments were centred around Rin and Hayato. It soon became apparent that everyone around Rin knew that she liked Hayato. Everyone but Hayato and Rin, that was. That made for some weird and wonderful moments such as the festival episode where Rin made Hayato touch her boobs. She claimed it was to help him with his cross-dressing fetish, which was how he covered for Rin finding girls’ underwear in his apartment, but there were some mutual benefits in the actions.

My Wife is the Student Council President Episode 14 Rin tells Hayato to feel her boobs

What was your least favourite moment?

Annoyingly, it was the last episode. Rin and Ui had started to go against one another, fighting for Hayato’s affection, although Rin thought it was just her doing her moral duty to make sure Ui and Hayato weren’t being lewd. It was building nicely and made it seem like the final episode of the season would be a great place to resolve it or embrace it. It could have been a spectacular climax… However, they pulled a strange episode in as the penultimate episode and then finished with the biggest anticlimax possible. It was a real disappointment.

My Wife is the Student Council President Episode 24 Party at Hayatos house

Who was your favourite character?

It’s still Rin even if they pushed her obsession with morality to its limits as the season went on. My gut is that the reactions to Rin potentially being seen as a homewrecker influenced the way her character developed and forced her to almost become the antagonist. I maintain my stance that she liked Hayato but didn’t know it. Several things forced her down this path such as a promiscuous elder sister and the automatic assumption that she too would be that way, especially as she had big boobs. Unfortunately, she overcompensated and began to believe her own story. As an unknowing love rival, she was far more interesting.

My Wife is the Student Council President Episode 16 Rin determined to win

Who was your least favourite character?

It was fun that we got to spend some time with Niikura and Kelly, however, given that this series was made up of eight-minute-long episodes, we really didn’t have the time to spare. It didn’t do much to develop Ui or Rin’s relationships with Hayato. Even the time taken to introduce Saijou could have been better spent. While there wasn’t anything wrong with these characters, I don’t think they needed that much attention and in the end, it took time away from the main focus of the story – the Rin, Ui, Hayato love triangle!

My Wife is the Student Council President Episode 23 Karen Fujisaki no panties upskirt papers

Would you like some more?

Even with the disappointing ending, I would absolutely watch more. The eight-minute episodes worked really well and while a fully developed story with full-length episodes would obviously be better, I would be satisfied with more seasons and tighter storytelling, especially if it allows for a little more focus on the ridiculous ecchi antics. Basically, this was a fun series with some engaging characters that developed well. I’ve seen far less interesting characters in full-length episodes, so that makes it worth watching if nothing else.

My Wife is the Student Council President Episode 17 Kei Misumi

What have you learnt?

One of the most important elements of a story is the ending. As harsh as it might seem, a poor ending can detract from an amazing story and a great ending can lift something mediocre. For me, one of the main reasons an ending might fail is because it didn’t do what the story said it would. Even the biggest twist in the world should appear obvious once it’s happened.

This series made it clear that it was about Hayato trying to work out which of Rin and Ui he liked. Well, he liked both, but ultimately, you have to choose one unless we head into harem territory. While there were elements of harem building in this series, I think it was more of a love triangle. So, when the final episode came along and nothing was resolved, and nothing interesting happened, it felt flat. It’s as if you were riding a rollercoaster that climbed and climbed and climbed, but rather than the drop followed by a loop, it just trickled to a halt and everyone was told to get off. That’s not a rollercoaster, it’s an elevator.

My Wife is the Student Council President Episode 21 Hayato walking to school with Rin and Ui

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