Name That Anime! (Sunday Sevens)

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Do you ever find yourself looking at anime gifs and wondering what show it’s from and what on Earth is going on? I do, so I thought I might make a game of it and top up my to-watch list. Can you name these anime?

Name That Anime!

I enjoy a good gif as much as the next person, maybe a little more. Well, this week I have collected together seven gifs that particularly spoke to me and that I have no idea what anime it’s from. Basically, I need your help to identify these anime.

If I can, I would like to watch them all, so that I can understand the context of the gif and they also look kind of cool. Plus it’s a chance for you to show off your anime knowledge and who doesn’t want to look cool in front of everyone else?

All right, let’s get on with it.

7. Deep in Thought

Sunday Sevens Name That Anime Deep in Thought

Who is this girl and what is she thinking about? I feel like something pretty big has happened to get a stare like that going!

6. Is she wearing a towel?

Sunday Sevens Name That Anime Towel Girl With A Gun

Someone has obviously just said something that has disrupted her bath time and I want to know why!

5. Feel The Rage!

Sunday Sevens Name That Anime Feel the Rage

She looks seriously pissed off! I love the crazy purple aura coming off her hair and the serious glare she’s giving the other girl, but who are they?

4. Eek! A Spider!

Sunday Sevens Name That Anime Fighting A Spider

This just looks cool. I’m not too worried about context as I think it’s kind of self-explanatory, but I do want to see more.

3. Chop, chop!

Sunday Sevens Name That Anime Axe Girl

Either she really needs some firewood or someone or something is attacking, but who, why, and what? Help, I need to know.

2. Don’t Blink!

Sunday Sevens Name That Anime Stare Off

This one is just too cool not to find out what is going on. Look at the size of those swords and the intensity in their stares. What is this anime?

1. The Panty God!

Sunday Sevens Name That Anime What

I have absolutely no idea what is going on, but I want to know why those guys are praying to a pair of floating panties!

It’s a much shorter post this week, but hopefully, it’ll give you lots to think about… or stress about. There’s got to be someone out there that has seen all these shows. Put your answers in the comments and show that you are the ultimate otaku! And as I said, if I can find them, I will try to watch them.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. I suck at this in general, but I’ll tell you that #4 is Black Bullet and #3 is Future Diary (and nope, definitely not firewood).

  2. Number 3 is Future Diary, I am fairly certain. And number 1 is Gabriel DropOut. I don’t want to spoil it, but it’s explained in the first episode. 🙂

  3. People mentioned other ones that I might know, but 7 is Cross Ange and 2 is God Eater.

    Jeez, I didn’t even finish either show too…

  4. Only one I know for certain is that 2 is God Eater. I guessed that 3 is Future Diary and 4 is Black Bullet and judging by the comments I’m right there. No clue with the others.

  5. Thanks for helping me out with these anime. I think we have answers for all but 5 and 6. I’ll add them all to my to-watch list and see if there are in fact from these series. It might take a while for any true validation, but I thank you for your input.

  6. I could not name these from the images alone… but after reading the comments, I guess I am familiar with some of them. Though I haven’t actually finished watching them.

  7. There’s this website called and it tells me 6 – which seems to be the only missing answer at the moment from the comments – is Chaos Dragon episode 4 (that’s a terrible anime though).

    • Thanks. I’ll check it out and see if it is it and lives up to the hype…

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