NaNoWriMo Update (Week Three)

The Otaku Author NaNoWriMo Update Week Three

It’s the third week of NaNoWriMo. By now the story should be beginning to take shape, that is if you’ve been keeping up with you word counts… I’ll be honest, this week hasn’t exactly gone to plan. Well, have you been keeping up?

Week Three Update

This post will be looking at my progress from November 16 to November 22. Just like the last update, I had seven possible writing days and needed to write 11,667 words. I was also carrying a deficit from week two of 1,284 words. Let’s see how I did!

If last week was awesome, this week was more of a mixed bag. I managed to keep my streak going, but only as far as Friday. Unfortunately, the weekend, which is always a killer for this sort of stuff with increased family time, was a complete failure. That’s right, I managed zero words on Saturday and Sunday. It’s not ideal and it will make my goal of finishing within the time limit a challenge, but it’s not over until it’s over!

From Monday to Friday, I managed 8,586 words and at one point got my deficit down to just 717 words. It was all looking so good, but then the weekend happened. One thing, I’ve learnt in life is that sometimes, stuff just happens. There’s no one to blame, no real fault in anything anyone has done. It’s just the way it is. So, all I have to do now is get back to it and catch up to the target. I am now 4,365 words behind target and there are only eight days to go.

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I will say that I am still really enjoying the story and managed to extend my outline by another fifteen chapters. As I’ve said before, this story is not going to be over after fifty-thousand words, so I am fully prepared to continue into December. There’s a lot to do and I still plan on winning.

So, here’s how I did.

  • Nov 16 – 1,094 words
  • Nov 17 – 1,751 words
  • Nov 18 – 2,300 words
  • Nov 19 – 2,088 words
  • Nov 20 – 1,353 words
  • Nov 21 – 0 words
  • Nov 22 – 0 words

My total word count is now 32,302. That leaves me with just 17,698 words to reach the goal and only eight days to do it. So to win NaNoWriMo, I will need to put out 2,213 words-a-day. It’s not impossible yet, although it will require a Herculean effort. Let’s get it on!

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