One-Punch Man (Volume 2) – A Hero for Fun

One Punch Man Volume 2 Cover

Saitama tracks down an evil organisation that is planning on replacing humanity with genetically modified creatures. Then, he discovers that a group of bald terrorists are causing trouble in City F…

One-Punch Man (Volume 2) – A Hero for Fun

What happened?

The House of Evolution was interested in Saitama after he defeated the mosquito girl and sent a group of monsters to capture him. Of course, they hadn’t planned on him being quite so strong and were easily defeated. They kept one alive long enough to tell them about their base. Saitama and Genos went there immediately as tomorrow was coupon day at the supermarket. After running for most of the day, they arrived and Genos instantly blew the building away with his cannon.

They found a secret base beneath and the ultimate weapon of the House of Evolution, Carnage Kabuto waiting for them. He pounded Genos and even deflected his cannon with his breath, however, when he went to attack Saitama, he instinctively ran away sensing his imminent doom. Saitama was in an interesting mood and decided to reveal how he gained his strength. It was a rather mundane training routine, but he swears that’s what did it. Kabuto is furious and goes into a frenzy that will last a week. That was when Saitama realised that coupon day was today and not tomorrow…

Having defeated Kabuto, Saitama found himself taking on a group of terrorists that had stolen his bald look. He was mistaken for a member as he made his way through town. Unfortunately, since he wasn’t a registered hero he was unrecognizable to the masses. By the time he found the terrorists, most of them had been killed by Speed O’Sound Sonic who also mistook him for a terrorist. However, Saitama blocked his attacks and then accidentally tapped him in the crotch with his fist. Sonic swore to get revenge. Genos and Saitama decided to register to become official heroes.

One Punch Man Volume 2 Genos destroyed the House of Evolutions base

What did you think?

This is such a fun series. While it’s actually pretty dark with the amount of murder and chaos involved, Saitama’s attitude is fantastic. The fact that he is concerned with everyday things such as using his coupons at the supermarket makes him that much funnier. Obviously, Genos is much more of a straight-laced character but he compliments Saitama perfectly. I also loved that the guy that started the hero registration program was the grandfather of the kid Saitama saved from the crab super-villain in the first book before he had developed his powers.

So, let’s talk about Saitama’s training schedule. It’s not a crazy schedule as such, but I think the fact that he did it day in and day out for three years will have had an impact. I don’t think you would develop superpowers like him in the real world, but I do wonder if anyone has tried. Here’s the daily routine in case you’re wondering;

  • One Hundred Push-ups
  • One Hundred Sit-ups
  • One Hundred Squats
  • Run Ten kilometres
  • Three meals a day
  • No air conditioning in the summer and no heating in the winter

If nothing else, it will get you fitter. And on the plus side, if it does work, well… you’ll be bald too!

One Punch Man Volume 2 Saitama reveals his secret

Volume highlights

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