One-Punch Man (Volume 7) – Prophecies are Unreliable!

One Punch Man Volume 7 Cover

Saitama and Boros go toe to toe as they exchange serious attacks, but which one will come out on top? Meanwhile, the heroes continue to struggle against Melzargard. Could the prophecies really come true?

One-Punch Man (Volume 7) – Prophecies are Unreliable!

What happened?

The heroes launch debris at the alien ship, hoping to do some damage. Tank Top Master was sure that he could do some good, but he just got in the way when Terrible Tornado picked him up along with a building that she they threw at the ship. Bang and Silverfang continued to fight Melzargard, slowly breaking it down in search of the strange marbles that seemed to contain its life force. At one point, it looked like Bang had taken a fatal hit, but he was just grateful for a good workout for once. Silverfang sliced it to pieces and then Bang grabbed the last marble, crushing it between his fingers.

Saitama and Boros exchanged blows, smashing each other into the insides of the ship, breaking it to pieces much to the horror of the crew. At one point, Boros fired Saitama into the Moon. Surprised that all he had to do was hold his breath, Saitama jumped off the moon, launching himself back to Earth and striking the alien ship like an interstellar missile. The fight continued with Boros unlocking his full powers, but that was nothing. Saitama had a special move he’d been saving for this occasion. His Serious Punch destroyed Boros’ attack and split the clouds halfway around the world.

When it was over, Boros was barely conscious. Saitama congratulated him on putting up a good fight. Boros, however, couldn’t call it that. He noted that Saitama had been holding back and that he’d barely fazed him. The prophecy was wrong… or was it? Saitama returned to the surface as the alien ship came crashing down. Surprisingly, Metal Knight showed up after the fight was over and salvaged the ship. Then, he rebuilt the Hero Association Headquarters and turned the remains of City A into a series of highways to connect them to all of the cities.

One Punch Man Volume 7 Tatsumaki

What did you think?

I’ve really enjoyed all of the double-page spreads, but this volume took things to the next level. There was a series of twelve double-page single-frame images back to back to back and it was epic. It was probably a fraction of a second in real time but it just made it unbelievable. I also loved the picture of Saitama hitting the moon and then jumping back. This fight was absolutely epic and it didn’t even get Saitama sweating. What’s it going to take to put him on the ropes and make him fight to survive? One day, we may find out and that’s a terrifying prospect!

One aspect that I’ve really enjoyed with this series has been all the bonus manga sections at the back of each book. They’ve all added to the characters and shown how the world develops. I particularly liked the one where Saitama defeated the villain and then pretended to be a cop so that the police wouldn’t be dismissed as being useless. Once again, he’s shown that he is a true hero who isn’t in it for ranks and fame. Sure, he needs money to eat, but time and again, he’s done what is right at his own expense. I love this series. It’s fantastic.

One Punch Man Volume 7 Boros punching Saitama

Volume highlights

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