Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time (Episode 12) – Peter Grill and the Warrior that Shouted Love

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It’s time for Spartokos to face Lisa Alpacas. He’s done everything he can to prepare… Well, not everything which is why he loses almost instantly. Maybe, Peter can find a way to overcome this fatal flaw in his training!

Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time (Episode 12) – Peter Grill and the Warrior that Shouted Love

What happened?

Spartokos’ body is ready. His fighting skills are honed to perfection, but as soon as the fight begins, Peter realises that it’s over. Spartokos has already lost. Lisa shimmies and jiggles, bouncing her boobs all over the place. Spartokos can’t take his eyes off of them, especially when they slam into his face and knock him out. It’s over. Lisa won. When Spartokos wakes up, Peter tells him how he lost and is about to explain why he lost when Mitchy comes in to see how Spartokos is doing. Peter takes Spartokos aside and explains that he needs more experience with women or he will never be able to win.

Spartokos is furious that Peter would suggest such a thing. He has dedicated his life to Lisa in all aspects. However, Peter tells him that Mitchy likes him and that it wouldn’t be a bad thing for him to experience something other than Lisa. He leaves them to it. The next day, Spartokos is a changed man. He will no longer be hindered by boobs. It’s time to challenge Lisa again. However, Spartokos isn’t interested. He is happy with Mitchy. Lisa arrives and thanks Peter for helping Spartokos move on. Then, she questions if he is truly happy with Luvelia and her crazy father. If he was to pick her, he could even become a king. Something to think about!

Peter Grill and the Philosophers Time Episode 12 Spartokos wakes up next to Mitchy

What did you think?

I loved the contrast between Spartokos waking up next to Mitchy and Peter Grill waking up next to anyone else. He seemed happy and content, and he should be because I’ve no idea where Mitchy was hiding those boobs? I think the animator got a little carried away there. Anyhow, I liked that Spartokos and Mitchy found one another and decided to move along that path. It means Liza will stay around and it’s hard to argue with her line of questioning. Luvelia would not be my choice even before considering her father.

But then, that’s me. I would choose Lisa in a heartbeat, even before the offer of titles and other things. Anyhow, this season has come to an end and it left everything up in the air as Peter and Luvelia ride to take on a goblin invasion. Of course, in this world, goblins appear to be mostly horny women so that should make things a little more interesting for poor Peter. Also, was that his little sister with the massive sword after the ED? I can’t believe they made a second season, but I’m also delighted. Bring me more!

Peter Grill and the Philosophers Time Episode 12 Lisa Alpacas thanks Peter Grill for his work with Spartokos

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