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I’m not going to lie here, I really am not enjoying Plunderer and the worst thing is that it has so much potential. It could have been excellent, but it fails to deliver on any of its promises and doesn’t understand ecchi!

What’s going on?

When the winter season of anime was announced, I instantly knew I wanted to watch Plunderer. It had a cool looking title poster and seemed to have some fairly dark ideas. Then, when I discovered it was an ecchi title, I decided to cover it on At that time, I didn’t know it would be a twenty-four episode season or that I would come to hate it! I’ve seen so many comments from the manga fans saying it gets good, but I’m thirteen episodes in and it’s still awful. The thing that annoys me most, well, other than the protagonist being a bit rapey, is that it has so much potential. So, I’m going to plunder the series for ideas and come up with something that I would rather be watching.

Plunderer Episode 3 Licht touching Lynn's Panties

What’s the pitch?

A battle-hardened warrior walks a trail through the forest. He’s been chased out of the last village and is just looking for somewhere to rest and recover. He hopes to forget about the horrors he’s faced and the bloody war. There’s a scream in the woods. He draws his sword and spins, listening and waiting. Hurried footsteps weave between the trees. He spins as a woman burst through the thicket. She falls down to the ground and rolls to a stop. He kneels down beside her and finds that she is unconscious.

Something else moves through the forest, silent and steady, like a wolf stalking a deer. The warrior steps over the woman and stares into the dense forest. She murmurs something and then rolls over. He can see a number written on her thigh. It’s the number zero. He knows what’s coming and what’s going to happen, but he can’t step aside and let it. His grip tightens around his sword as he takes a deep breath to compose himself.

A spectral jet-black hand shoots through a tree trunk and reaches for the woman. He slashed it away but more and more follow. He’s overrun, unable to fight off all of the hands. They grab hold of the woman and start to carry her away. He pulls her back, turning her head towards him, and kisses her. The hands let go and slink away, disappearing back into the forest. He places the woman on the ground, resting her head in his lap. Before his eyes, the number on her thigh changes to a one, while the two on his arm makes the same transformation, but from a two.

Plunderer Episode 6 Pelmo taken down to the Abyss

Where did the inspiration come from?

I have a lot of issues with Plunderer (see my other post The Trouble with Plunderer!) and one of the more prominent ones is the way that Licht behaves. Ecchi anime is generally about accidental slips and errant gusts of wind, but in Plunderer, Licht often forces the girl’s legs apart to look at their panties while they scream and fight against him. Then, for some unknown reason, they all seem to fall in love with him. On top of that, they introduced the numbers early on and played with them for an episode or two and then just went, whatever. They have little to no significance as everyone is hiding their true powers. So, if I have to continue to watch this series, I’m going to make notes on the good parts and use them to craft something far more interesting… to me at least.

Plunderer Episode 6 Nana

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  1. This would absolutely be better than the original.

    The original was probably my biggest disappointment of the previous season.

    • For sure… And I’m still watching it…

      There’s some good ideas in it but the way it’s been put together is a disaster and so infuriating.

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