Princess Connect! Re: Dive (Episode 15) – A Moody Cat’s Hesitation ~Antipasto in the Moonlight~

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The Gourmet Guild completed a quest to collect Rainbow Silk from a dangerous monster, but little did they know that it would be used by the idol guild – Carmina. Looks like we have a concert to attend!

Princess Connect! Re: Dive (Episode 15) – A Moody Cat’s Hesitation: Antipasto in the Moonlight

What happened?

While Yuuki, Pecorine, and Kokkoro were busy being fitted for idol costumes by the energetic Tsumugi, Karyl paid a quick visit to the Queen who made it quite clear that she was aware that Karyl had interfered with her plans at the end of last season. She said that she forgave her, but it was quite clearly a warning. After meeting up with the others and being fitted for an idol costume herself, Karyl struggled to come to terms with her role as a spy.

However, that would have to wait. Carmina were putting on a concert in Landosol and the Queen had a mission for Karyl. She was to work with Christina, the vice-captain of Nightmare, the Royal Guard to take care of some rogue shadows that the queen had lost control of. They would be drawn towards the music of the concert which meant that Karyl wouldn’t be able to attend with her guild. Having spent the day fighting off monsters, Karyl passed out under a bridge on the way home. She was woken by the sounds of her friends looking for her. Picking a side isn’t going to be easy!

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 15 Karyl looking over Landosol

What did you think?

Firstly, I just need to say that this anime is spectacular. Visually it’s stunning and I’m sure that I’m going to end the season with a pile of unused screenshots as I’m taking loads and can’t fit them all into these posts. Secondly, I loved that we dived straight back into the more serious side of the story and managed to maintain the fun goofy appeal of the show. Seeing Yuuki manage to talk his way into the Carmina fan club was hilarious, watching Karyl struggle with her role was heartbreaking, and seeing Christina again made my day.

I was literally just wondering when we would see my favourite character from season one and then she walked onto the screen. Christina is fascinating, even beyond the fact that she is a psychopath with a sword who happens to be fairly pleasing on the eye… Who am I kidding, she’s the number one girl for a reason. Anyhow, she always delivers some amazing insight that many of the other characters aren’t ready to hear or can’t comprehend.

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 15 Christina killing rogue shadows

What have you learnt?

At the end of season one, after Pecorine and Karyl had saved the city from the masked monster, we got to see Christina talking Jun, the captain of Nightmare. Christina is one to speak her mind and do what she wants. She’s truly a chaotic neutral character. Some may view her as evil, but as long as she’s having fun she doesn’t mind who’s giving the orders. In a way, she reminds me of Esdeath from Akame ga Kill. Anyhow, she mentioned that it was odd that a cat-person was the ruling monarch of a human kingdom.

In this episode, she pointed out that the queen had lost control of some of her shadows and if there were killing without reason, they served no purpose. Another thing she said was that she knew Karyl was involved in defeating the monster and that there was another with her. She was keen to meet this hero, although her reasons weren’t clear. My gut tells me that she would relish the chance to go up against the queen and with Pecorine, she may have a chance. I don’t think she would do it if she didn’t think she could win, and alone her chances would be severely reduced. She’s after excitement not death, after all.

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 15 Christina ready for action

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