Princess Connect! Re: Dive (Episode 22) – Converging Hearts, Passing Souls ~Crepes the Flavor of a Promise~

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Karyl prepares some rice balls to take to Mana Senri and while she’s gone the others learn of a festival. Labyrista checks on Yuuki briefly before heading to the palace to take care of some business!

Princess Connect! Re: Dive (Episode 22) – Converging Hearts, Passing Souls ~Crepes the Flavor of a Promise~

What happened?

Pecorine was hoping to tell Karly about her true identity, but when she tried to it suddenly felt awkward. Karyl made some breakfast and then rushed out, forcing Pecorine to wait. While Karyl was gone, they learnt of a festival and planned on attending. If they were lucky, they would see Karyl on the way.

Karyl, meanwhile, was visiting with Mana Senri who seemed to be a little off. She wasn’t sleeping well and appeared to be struggling to breathe. Karyl held her hand and also fell asleep. When Mana woke, she found Karyl and her rice balls on the bed beside her. She asked Karyl to eat with her and repeatedly commented on how strange Karyl was.

They did run into Karyl on the way to the festival and even saw Labyrista, Shizuru, and Rino there. Labyrista had Yuuki try a new flavour of crepe and asked him how he was doing. He said he was fine and reiterated that he would protect his friends this time.

Labyrista took it upon herself to see that his resolve would come true. She manipulated space around Mana taking her to another dimension where they could fight. Mana seemed amused that Labyrista would dare to challenge her alone. Mana used Metamorregnant’s powers which allowed her to copy things. However, Mana really wanted Labyrista’s ability to create something out of nothing. The fight raged on. At one point they threw moons at one another.

That was when Mana appeared to run out of magic. Rino and Shizuru were outside the dimension keeping Mana’s shadows at bay, sapping her power. Labyrista closed in for the kill aware that Mana was not as powerful as before – she had re: dived too many times like Yuuki and it had cost her. However, at the last second, Mana activated the ring she gave Karyl pulling her into this dimension where she used her as a shield. Labyrista hesitated, allowing a copy of Mana to stab her in the back…

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 22 Labyrista clicks fingers

What did you think?

Princess Connect! Re: Dive is epic. Sorry, EPIC! The fight scenes alone are just incredible and I can’t believe this show is barely getting talked about. Mana and Labyrista threw moons at each other. This fight was amazing and even seeing Rino and Shizuru supporting against the shadows was cool. Finally, the conclusion to this fight was crazy and yet it was always going to end this way. It’s not Labyrista’s fight to win. That honour will fall to the Gourmet Guild. Hopefully, Karyl will truly see how she’s been played by Mana now and break that tie.

There are three more episodes and I don’t think Labyrista will be the last sacrifice. Saying that, I really want to know what happened to Jun inside the castle. I wonder if Christina will take offence if anything did happen to Jun. Anyhow, there is a lot to ponder and I think it’s going to be hard to fit everything into three episodes, to it’s time to start the calls for a season three.

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 22 Kokkoro Pecorine Karyl and Yuuki

What have you learnt?

I wonder what Labyrista’s death means for this world. She appears to have been the one responsible for pulling Yuuki from death’s door and restarting the world over and over again. If she’s gone, can it still be done? If not, the stakes just got ramped up significantly. Fail this time and it’s all over. This makes me think that Labyrista’s plan was a little too casual. Why not take more with you? If she had had back up from even one more of the Seven Crowns, it could have turned the battle.

The only thing to consider is that Mana Senri had been re-diving too. So, there’s the potential that someone else could do it. If it’s just Mana then that could be game over unless she’s out of chances, knowing that her health is deteriorating with each dive. I hope we learn a little more about the world in the next couple of episodes, that and more outstanding fights and stunning animation. This series is fantastic!

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 22 Karyl and Mana Senri eating together

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