Princess Connect! Re: Dive (Episode 1) – The Adventure Begins ~Sautéed Mushrooms at Sunset~

Princess Connect ReDive Title

Yuuki lost his memory and with his guardian unable to watch over him, she sends him down to the planet where she has arranged for another to keep him safe until his memories return… or some hungry wolves eat him…

Princess Connect! Re: Dive (Episode 1) – The Adventure Begins ~Sautéed Mushrooms at Sunset~

What happened?

Kokkoro was sent to become Yuuki’s guardian and help him recover his memories, but when she arrived at the location of his return, she found two hungry wolves fighting over his body! After fighting them off, Yuuki awakens and appears to have lost all of his memories, even down to understanding what things are and how they work. Kokkoro takes him to a nearby town and tries to help him remember things. His first lesson is the importance of money and it’s something that seems to affect him. They join a guild together and go on a quest to gather mushrooms. There they run into a princess, but their introductions are cut short and Kokkoro decides to just call her Pecorine. Impressed with her new nickname, they fight against a horde of giant mushrooms!

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 1 Kokkoro

What did you think?

My first thought was that this anime is stunning and that stayed with me for the entire episode. This is easily the best animation from the shows I’ve watched so far this season. It is just beautiful to watch. Another thing that I noticed was how simple and clueless Yuuki appeared. I was wondering if it was going to bother me, but then he tried to eat a coin and it became apparent just how little of his memories he had retained. Then, seeing his reaction when Kokkoro gave him some money was incredible. It did an amazing job of winning me over to his side. On top of that, Pecorine is awesome. Not only is she an incredible fighter and a bit of a ditz, but she reminds me of Inspector Gadget with her trusting nature and inability to spot the villains.

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 1 Yui

What have you learnt?

I was really impressed with this episode and considering that it’s another series that was made from a game, it’s amazing to see the differences. This series is already lightyears ahead of Shachibato! and I don’t expect the gap to close. Judging by the segment towards the end, I imagine we’re going to see lots of different characters as Yuuki continues his journey to recover his memories and piece by piece it will come together. It’s going to be interesting to see just who and what Yuuki really is. I love a good fantasy series with adventures and quests and even more so when it looks this good. It was also surprisingly funny. I’m already loving the dynamic between Kokkoro and Pecorine.

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 1 Pecorine

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  1. I decided to watch the first episode based on your review.

    25 minutes, I watched the second episode.


    The animation of the wind in the grass during the first episode? I got a sense some animator somewhere was having a lot of fun showing off!

    “On top of that, Pecorine is awesome.”

    The woman has an appetite! Earns it, too. Her punch borders on a strategic weapon.

    Very glad I read your review! This is the perfect series to just sit back and forget life for awhile.

    • Thanks, I’m glad I could convince someone else to watch it. The animation was insanely good, especially in the fight with the mushrooms. I’m yet to watch the second episode (hard finding time to keep up at the moment), but am looking forward to it.

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