Princess Connect! Re: Dive (Episode 10) – Flowers in Eternal Darkness ~Cursed Pudding~

Princess Connect ReDive Title

Back from their beach vacation, Kokkoro and Yuuki take a souvenir to the restaurant and find him muttering to himself about pudding. Yuuki sees something that the others can’t and that causes a girl to enter and ask for his help!

Princess Connect! Re: Dive (Episode 10) – Flowers in Eternal Darkness ~Cursed Pudding~

What happened?

It turns out the Boss was possessed by a ghost that was angry at him for putting bugs in her pudding. To get him back, she forced him to make her pudding every night. Well, that was until Yuuki saw her. Shinobu, a guild member of the ghost entered the restaurant and apologised for the trouble. She then asked Yuuki if he could come and help her as he may have the power they were looking for. Yuuki shrugs and accepts, but once they arrive at the guild house, they discover that their help is needed in reviving an ancient and powerful vampire. They try to run, but there’s no getting away now. It turns out the vampire, Illya Ornstein has been imprisoned in a crystal coffin and when she comes out she turns into a child and cannot use her powers.

Yuuki accidentally uses his power and boosts Illya’s magic, making it look like he’s restored her to full power. Now, she’ll be able to take over the world… Unfortunately, Yuuki’s power is only temporary and Ilya reverts to being a child once more. They were about to leave when Miyako, the ghost tells them that they broke her pudding and if she doesn’t get more, she’ll turn them into pudding and eat them.

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 10 Illya Ornstein

What did you think?

After the last episode, which felt a lot like an ending of sorts, I was expecting to see the situation with Christina and Karyl’s boss take on the central plot, but I was wrong and I’m not even mad. This episode introduced a new guild and gave us plenty of funny moments. Seeing Karyl, Kokkoro, and Yuuki turned into puddings was hilarious especially Yuuki’s expression. Of course, when Pecorine made her pudding it was so good that Miyako was about to pass on having fulfilled her life ambition. If only Pecorine hadn’t revealed that she put bugs in the pudding… The best part of all of this was the girls looking for Yuuki as Shinobu carried Miyako home with a bit of pudding on her lip. Did she eat Yuuki? You’ll have to watch to the end of the ED to find out!

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 10 Karyl scared by Miyako

What have you learnt?

I’m still trying to put my finger on exactly why I like this series so much. It can’t be the plot as that’s kind of been left on the back burner for the season so far. I do like the characters and their interactions with one another. It’s definitely got a wholesome feel to it, but at the same time, it can explode into wonderful attacks with vibrant animation and awesome sounds at the drop of a hat. Maybe, it’s just a case of right place, right time. With the way the world is going, it’s great to have something fun and easy to be able to relax into. It’s a great way to give yourself a little pick me up.

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 10 Pecorine makes pudding for Miyako

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  1. “I’m still trying to put my finger on exactly why I like this series so much.”

    It’s a good question!

    I’ve noticed that the ratio of female to male characters is like 20 to 1. Every time we see male characters, they’re fodder for characters like Eriko.

    And I’m okay with that.

    I’m beginning to suspect it’s part of the show’s appeal for me…

    • It’s a possibility, for sure. There are a lot of pretty cool female characters and that seems to make the General mood that much more calm and pleasant.

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