Princess Connect! Re: Dive (Episode 2) – A Moody Cat’s Mischief ~Warm, Golden Rice Balls~

Princess Connect ReDive Title

Yuuki and Kokkoro returned from their quest and were handsomely rewarded for the mushrooms, but now they need to find a place to live before they eat through that money. Pecorine could have an unexpected solution!

Princess Connect! Re: Dive (Episode 2) – A Moody Cat’s Mischief ~Warm, Golden Rice Balls~

What happened?

Yuuki continues to try to regain his memories and works on his fighting too, although is bested by a log on a piece of rope. They get some news from a random person who tells them that they can get a house if they set up a guild, but with just the two of them, that seems unrealistic. Then, a commotion in the town reunites them with Pecorine who has just won an all you can eat contest. She then spots the two men with her sword and runs after them, determined to give the man his medicine! They soon bump into an orc that appears to be being controlled, but that’s nothing to Pecorine. In the aftermath of the fight, they find a cat-girl who appears injured. Kyarl refuses their help, especially as she is the one trying to defeat Pecorine!

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 2 Pecorine wins eating contest

What did you think?

I’m still really enjoying this series and I think Pecorine has a large part to play in that. The humour also helps. There’s been a bit of a running gag about Pecorine not being too aware of what is really going on. After all, she still thinks those two guys didn’t steal her sword and fails to notice that Kyarl is trying to kill her when she invites her to join their guild. It could get boring, but I am still enjoying it and as long a Pecorine keeps hitting things, I can’t see that changing. One thing that I’ve noticed is that I feel like Yuuki isn’t the main character of the story, even though we are following his path. It seems like it’s more about the connections he makes.

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 2 Pecorine punches an orc

What have you learnt?

I’m quite enjoying the useless but well-meaning protagonist in this series. It helps that we know he should become quite formidable in the near future, but he’s quite endearing all the same. His blank face and positive attitude make you want him to do well and recover his memories and abilities. I think in the end, he’s going to end up massively overpowered, but until that happens we have Pecorine who can do no wrong. It’s an interesting way of developing the character and showing the world as we learn everything with Yuuki. This series has a bit of a Konosuba vibe to it, although it’s a little more serious and everyone isn’t a goofball. I’m looking forward to more.

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 2 Pecorine punches a dragon

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    • Haha! For sure, but it is far more entertaining than the other two shows based on mobile games.

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