Princess Connect! Re: Dive (Episode 8) – A Little, Lyrical Kids’ Meal ~Country-Style Fried Eggs~

Princess Connect ReDive Title

After numerous food-based quests with food-based rewards, Yuuki spots a quest that speaks to him, but it’s not an official quest. After leaving the Guild Hall, they meet the owners of the quest and agree to help them.

Princess Connect! Re: Dive (Episode 8) – A Little, Lyrical Kids’ Meal ~Country-Style Fried Eggs~

What happened?

The quest was to help the three girls that were too young to form an official guild to learn about what a guild does and prepare them for once they’re older. Yuuki is happy to help and agrees to be their master. Pecorine, Kayrl, and Kokkoro put together a quest for the girls to do that will give them a taste of life as adventurers. With a map set out and some treasure at the end, the girls set off with Yuuki to watch over them. Of course, that’s a terrible idea and they soon wander off the route and into dangerous territory. Pecorine tried to steer them back with a monster costume she made, but they attack and continue on their way. Karyl and Kokkoro continue to follow them, taking out monsters in the background.

It was all going well until Yuuki was carried off by a monster bird. The girls tried to rescue him but were defeated too. Finally, Karyl and Kokkoro arrived and tried to help, but they were tired from all the helping they’d already done. Pecorine can’t fight back either because she can’t get out of her suit to eat. The monster bird breaks Pecorine out and she finds the girls’ lunch and powers up.

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 8 Pecorine as a monster trying to scare off the children

What did you think?

I am loving this series. We’ve had a few darker episodes which were nice, but this was all about the comedy. Not only did Yuuki almost get eaten by another werewolf, but a monster bird tried to eat him too. What is it about Yuuki that makes everything try to eat him? A toad even tried to in the paddy fields. I loved the way it followed through on a relatively obvious joke and managed to make it enjoyable all the way to the end. Of course, Yuuki was going to get it wrong and take them off the route and of course, Pecorine, Karyl, and Kokkoro were going to use all their magic and strength before the big fight. It was all completely obvious, but it worked.

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 8 Karyl Pecorine and Kokkoro Scared

What have you learnt?

It just goes to show that you can take a really simple idea and give it life with a little comedy and some interesting characters. I think the group dynamic works really well and having Yuuki as the protagonist is great because it gives the other characters the chance to continuously steal the show. He’s working almost like the average joe harem protagonist in that, he’s not that important but he allows others to shine. I still think he has an interesting back story and there will be some big revelations by the end of the season, so I’m looking forward to that. More, please!

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 8 Pecorine attacking Monster Bird

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  1. I’m finding Princess Connect’s comedy to be nothing ground-breaking, however, for some peculiar reason, watching this has just been so, so ridiculously fun. Perhaps this show has just been catching me in the right mood lately? Iunno. Even when Princess Connect is just casually being itself, I find myself cracking up over it. Although it’s entirely reasonable to place the blame on my poor sense of humour, let’s just say it’s a part of its alluring aura. R-Right?

    • It’s not just you. For whatever reason this show just puts me in a good mood and then the jokes just resonate with me. For example, Yuuki is sleeping in the open and I’m just waiting for something to try to eat him. Particularly loved all the bloody hand prints on the walls at the hospital.

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